The Best Types Of Exterior Paint You Should Know About

Exterior paint is a necessary part of any home. It can make a home feel more beautiful and give it a new look. However, you should consider the type of exterior paint before buying. Here is a guide to the best types of exterior paint to know about. This will help you to get in sync with your hbp painting contractors.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Type Of Exterior Paint

Choosing the correct type of exterior paint is essential! Because – 

  • Some paints are designed for use on interior surfaces. Others are made specifically for use on exterior surfaces. 
  • Exterior paints are made with different ingredients. That depends on their intended purpose.
  • Exterior paint is a protective barrier from weather, UV rays and insects. 
  • They also come in different types such as oil-based, latex and acrylic. The wrong type of paint will not protect your exterior.

Exterior Paint for All Surfaces

If you’re considering painting your house, you might wonder what’s the best exterior paint. There are many options. But finding the right one for your needs is essential.

  • The type of surface will determine it.

Choosing the right exterior paint depends on the surface to be painted. Here are some examples – 

  • Brick and stone surfaces require an oil-based primer and topcoat. 
  • Metal surfaces need an epoxy or latex sealer.
  • Wood requires a full-bodied acrylic latex. That can withstand weather elements.
  • Vinyl siding requires acrylic latex, and 
  • Stucco requires a modified acrylic latex.

In addition to the type of paint, you should also consider its application. Think about whether you want  gloss finish or not.  You may need to apply multiple coats. Consider the type of primer you should use with your exterior paint as well.

Different Types Of Exterior Paints

There are several different types of exterior paint. They vary in their ease of application, durability, and price. The most common are oil-based paint, latex paint and acrylic paint. You can also consult with a Prep Paint Repeat for better result.

Here’s how each of these paints stack up against one another:

Oil-based Exterior Paint

  • It is the most durable and long-lasting, so it’s ideal for exterior applications. 
  • It will stick to almost any surface.
  • It will llast through rain, snow, wind and sun. 
  • Oil-based exterior paints are also more resistant to mildew than latex paints.
  • It requires more cleanup than acrylics or latexes do after use. 
  • There may be restrictions on their use in your area due to environmental regulations. Some municipalities don’t allow them at all. 
  • They contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content. That may contribute harmful gas into our atmosphere.

Latex exterior paint.

  • Latex exterior paint is the most popular paint for homes. 
  • The water-based latex formula makes it both durable and easy to apply.
  • This type of exterior paint is very simple to apply.
  • You can even buy it at your local hardware store. 
  • Latex exterior paint works well on wood, metal, and other surfaces that might need an extra layer of protection from weathering or wear.
  • Latex exterior paint dries quickly—usually within 24 hours.
  • It’s also resistant to all types of weather.

As if all these advantages weren’t enough, consider the ease of application. Just roll out onto your surface as usual!

Acrylic Exterior Paints

Acrylic exterior paint is the most popular type of exterior paint. Here are some things you should know about this type of exterior paint:

  • It dries quickly and easily. Acrylic exterior paint is easy to apply and dries fast. You won’t have to wait long.
  • It’s suitable for all types of surfaces, including wood, metal, masonry and more!.

Exterior Flat Enamel

  • Flat exterior paint is the best choice for areas exposed to the elements. 
  • It has a smooth, glossy finish that is easy to apply and durable. 
  • It provides good coverage. 
  • It will not fade or peel over time.

If you’re planning on painting your house’s exterior walls, consider using flat exterior paint. They’re more affordable than high-quality semi-gloss/high gloss paints.

How to choose the best exterior paint.

  • Determine the climate where you live. 
  • Think about the surface you will be painting. 
  • Consider what finish you want and how long it will last. 
  • Check the product label for its life expectancy before purchasing any outdoor paint products.


It is important to know what types of exterior paint are available on the market today. Various types are available with different levels of durability and weather resistance. Choosing the right type will ensure that your home or business looks great for years to come.


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