The Correct Way To Wear Cat Eye glasses






Cat eye glasses are no longer considered as grandmother’s classes. This retro shape made a big comeback and has added vintage spice to the everyday look.

Cat eye glasses have always been timeless. These stylish Frames can make you look and feel high fashion even if you are at your 9 to 5 job or running errands.

Characteristics of the cat eyeglasses

Cat eye glasses have a bold styling on the top and lighter details towards the bottom of the lens. These glasses have an upswept browline that tapers towards the temple. This is the style statement that has made the cat eye stand out from the crowd. The top frame is most often wider than the bottom frame width.

The style of the cat eyeglasses has also slid into the sunglass section. More and more people nowadays are looking for trendy sunglasses with cat-eye frames. These sunglasses add a timeless look to the wearer’s face and are very popular amongst the millennial population.

Different cat-eye frames styles

Currently, cat-eye frames have a variety of styles. The upward sweeping brow line of cat eyeglasses can work in harmony with many other shapes like rounded oval lenses or even oversized frame lenses.

Who can wear cat eyeglasses?

The best part of cat eyeglasses is that they can work on a variety of face shapes. The style of cat eyeglasses which will suit your face the most will depend on your facial features. If you have a round face, you should go for cat-eye frames with angular and bold lines. These striking details will take away the attention from your sharp angular features and rounded jawline.

If you have been endowed with an angular face and prominent features, you should opt for oval-shaped or round-shaped eye cat glasses. You can also choose to go for the winged cat eyes shape. This will help you balance the wide jawlines of triangle and square faces, while the rounded lens’s presence will help soften the sharp features.

If you want to add a vintage flair to your spectacle collection, you should go for cat-eye-style frames. These will make you look timeless in terms of looks and attitude. If you want to go for more demure and supple glasses, you should opt for retro cat-eye sunglasses.

As I mentioned earlier, cat-eye frames would look good on almost all facial types and facial features. However, it is the best idea to go to the eyeglass showroom and check out the frame yourself. Depending on the size, skin tone, and facial features, the choice of eyeglass frames may differ. With so many available varieties, even in cat-eye style, you will have to find a perfect pair that matches up with your personality, your face shape and brings out the good parts of your face.

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