The Difference Between White Garlic and Purple Garlic

Garlic is in north China and people prefer to eat one kind of ingredient that has a high nutritional value. Keep in consideration, there are a lot of garlic variety and Shandong garlic is common red one white garlic as well as many people prefer to eat purple skin garlic.  If we talk about the variety of garlics, each type comes in different taste, flavor and nutritional value. Some garlic have small cloves and some have small. However, with the different garlic skin color, there are white garlic as well as purple garlic. In this article, we are going to distinguish while garlic and purple garlic.

White Garlic 

There is a great need to know that the stalk at the stem end of the garlic is flexible, or soft. It is the reason that, why white garlic bulbs are braided together. White garlic is easy to grow. This variety of garlic is founded hardier than other varieties. While garlic ships well as it also has a long life on supermarket shelves. White garlic has a powerful garlic flavor when it’s fresh. White garlic is used in almost all the traditional recipes to enhance the flavor. 

Purple Garlic

In terms of purple garlic, it has a purple hue to its papery skin. Although, the inner cloves are the same color as white garlic cloves but it comes from a variety known as hardneck garlic. Purple garlic has a woody stalk that grows through the center of each bulb.

The cloves grow around the stalk tend to be all the same size;a bit larger than white garlic cloves. Keep in consideration, purple garlic cloves are juicier they have a milder flavor than white garlic when fresh. You can see purple garlic in some supermarkets, but it would be best to get fresh garlic from garlics.com.

Garlic aficionados will tell you, if you see purple garlic at the store, you must buy it before someone else does. There is a great need to know that, purple garlic is used just like white garlic. It has a milder flavor; it won’t overwhelm a dish when raw. Some people also say, purple garlic’s flavor lingers longer after cooking as compared to white garlic. That will be enough reason enough to do a side-by-side comparison. 

How to Store Garlic

It is essential to keep in mind that purple garlic have a shorter shelf life as compared to white garlic. These garlics can lose flavor as it begins to dry out. In summer, the humidity is higher, there is need to store bulbs at room temperature in a mesh bag as well as loosely woven basket. You can get the mesh bags from mesh-bags.com in bulk. In this way, air can circulate around them easily. it is fascinating to know that reusable mash bags are the best choice to enhance the quality of fruits and vegetable.

However, in winter when the heat is on, the air is dry, try storing in a small clay flower pot in a closed cabinet.


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