The Essential Tips For Building Gaming PC

Building a cheap gaming PC is not only a good purchase for experiencing gaming but also is an investment of technological interest. Though for beginners building a gaming PC is always a matter of great fear, finally it may bring a source of happiness because of building the PC yourself. Assembling a  gaming PC can be a frightening process, mainly for inexperienced persons. There are masses of excellent publications available, specifically from our sister’s websites like laptop gamer and Tom’s Hardware. However, both of these include many mechanics. For example, they include what additives you need and how to fit them all right into a motherboard.

Determine Your Requirements And Demand

The main feature of a gaming PC is its performance. So, behind the purpose of building a PC of your own, you will have to focus on your demands. Before going to build a gaming PC many people become much more excited as they have no previous experience and they have to invest a big sum of money here.

#1. Processor

The processor is a crucial component of a PC’s performance. So first you have to choose a suitable processor. If you use a good quality processor, you can be sure about the PC upgrade for the next few years. The two largest brands currently in the processor market are Intel and AMD. These two brands are bringing many types of processors to the market, depending on the generation. However, it would help if you bought the motherboard according to the processor socket.

Make sure the processor you are going to choose is good enough and a new generation. Regarding selecting a processor, you must be consciously sufficient as you will have to give a large part of the whole PC budget of the processor. Moreover, repeatedly changing the processor is a hassle because you may have to change the motherboard to match the processor.

When buying a processor, you must look at the clock speed (HZ), core, and memory. In case of clock speed, you need to buy a processor that has more base clock and boost clock. At the same time, if the core and memory are high, it is better.

#2. Motherboard

The motherboard is an important core component for any PC. It is the most sophisticated place of any PC because the rest of the significant parts of any PC are put here. More clearly, the motherboard is connected to all the other components so it is called a motherboard. Hence you should choose a motherboard that is compatible with your Processor. You have to keep in mind that gaming motherboards are different from ordinary motherboards, which means gaming motherboards possess more slots and ports for future PC upgrades. The RAM slot on the gaming motherboard can be from 2 to 6 p.m. Similarly, the graphics card slot should have features like 1 to 2, good quality LAN / WiFi, and an offer clock.

Adequate budgets should be estimated on the processor and motherboard when creating a gaming PC as you may not have the opportunity to upgrade these two things in the future.

#3. RAM

The speed and efficiency performance of the PC will depend on the RAM. In the case of PCs, more RAM ensures more speed. If you select a RAM of bigger size, the PC will run more programs and heavy games. Currently, DDR4 RAM is running in the market, but you have to take care of Bus Speed MHZ with this. Having more RAM speed means increasing the speed of work. There, if possible, it is better to select RAM of 3200 bus speed. Also, to enhance the beauty of the gaming PC, RGB light is provided with RAM, which can be controlled very nicely by syncing with the motherboard and improving the gaming PC’s beauty.

If you have more RAM slots, you can upgrade the RAM in the future, so you have to buy RAM by plane in that way. In the case of PC gaming, it is better to buy a minimum of 8 GB RAM. If the budget is more, you can increase the RAM up to 16, 32 or 64 GB.

#4. GPU

The basic performance of a gaming PC depends upon the GPU ( Graphics Processing Unit ). Hence, before you go for your building process, you should consider the importance of a graphics card.  Currently, NVIDIA GeForce and AMD radios have different graphics cards in the market. The graphics of the RTX 2000 and RX 5000 series are now quite popular and ahead in terms of performance. However, if your budget is low, you can use the previous GTX 1000 series graphics card. If the graphics are good, you can play the latest games in Ultra settings and get excellent FPS. On a general budget, you can buy a GTX 1050 or 1060, but on these graphics cards, you can play games in reverse settings and current settings in the medium setting two years ago and get FPS 40.

However, if you want to play gaming in 4K resolution, you will not need a graphics card, you want two graphics cards. In this case, NVIDIA has to bridge two graphics cards of the same model. On the other hand, any crossfire feature of AMD has to be a crossfire of the graphics card.

#5. Storage

In the case of gaming PCs with storage, since performance is also important, I would definitely recommend taking SSD SSD. If the budget is low, get a minimum of 128 GB SSD. Of course, the MV2 can be taken in the NVME series but even better. If the budget is high, you can use the hard disk by increasing the SSD capability. You should choose a good brand of SSD when buying an SSD.

#6. Power Supply

You must use a good brand power supply on the gaming PC. Power supply is a very important part of gaming PCs because if the power is not supplied properly then other components can waste a lot of time. While choosing a power supply, you need to know about the power consumption of the graphics card and buy a few watts of power supply. But of course not too much can be wasted. If you plan to upgrade your graphics card in the future or overclock or crossfire, buy a more wattage power supply. Many would suggest that the power supply with the casing is good but I recommend buying a separate power supply of the brand and using it if possible.

#7. Cooling Solution

All components of the gaming PC give lots of hits while running inside the casing. Especially if you play uninterrupted for a long time, it becomes a hit. Basically processors and graphics cards get hotter. Many processors come with stock coolers and a good quality cooling system including graphics cards. However, I would suggest using 2-3 separate fans in the casing. If the budget is high you can use a liquid cooler instead of a stock cooler or water cooling system in PC.

#8. PC Case

Many do not bother with the casing. I don’t think casing is needed. However, I would say that the coating must be durable and tough and one thing that must be seen is the airflow of the casing. The casing should be ventilated so that the internal component is cooled when using the coolant. You can also buy casing with tempered glass and RGB to give a gaming look. However, if the budget is low, for now, you need to buy a casing with good airflow.

Suggest To Build PC By Using PC Konfigurator Tools

There are a lot of online PC building tools available on the internet, PC Konfigurator is one of them. It was common practice to configure your PC at the time of dialing into the Internet. PC Konfigurator is an online tool from which you can assemble a custom PC of your choice and budget.

FAQ answer:

How Can I Get A Perfect Gaming PC?

To get a perfect gaming PC you must follow the experts’ advice step by step. As a beginner, you must learn about the pros and cons of gaming PCs from experts or tech-wizard people.


Here are a few test tapes that make your gaming PC like today. However, the budget must be careful when choosing your entire computer. With a small budget, you don’t have to deal with an unnatural company all of a sudden.


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