The Greatest Old School Vans of All Time

Among punk rock icons and hip-hop royalty are some who have worn this shirt. has been worn by some of the world’s most sought-after fashion designers. It’s the topic of continuing collaborations with street wear companies like WTAPS, Supreme, and Opening Ceremony that are cooler than cool…. and all of this from a shoe that costs no more than £60 to put on your shoe rack.

The vans old school  is stylish footwear made accessible to everyone. Despite its accessibility, it remains a bastion of cool. If you’re going to wear it to your grandmother’s 90th birthday party, don’t worry about drawing attention to the fact that you’re wearing an expensive pair of designer shoes.

This is the tale of the Vans Old School.

All great sneakers begin as a scribble in a designer’s notebook. Sketched by Van Doren’s co-founder Paul Van Doren, the “jazz stripe” shoe features a canvas upper with a waffle sole and white leather. It was the first shoe to feature the brand’s trademark curving symbol, and it became instantly recognizable.

In 1977, the shoe was released, but its name wasn’t. It was known as “Style 36” back then and immediately became popular among skaters in 1970s California and beyond.

The Old School devotees of the 1980s were already using the shoe’s paneled architecture to personalize their footwear by that time. As the Old School’s popularity grew, so did the number of customized versions of the shoe that included vibrant colors and scrawled sketches.

As time went on, the shoe’s primary purpose as a skating shoe diminished in importance. One of the things that made Vans a renowned skate wear brand and one that was growing ever more mainstream was the Old School, which was at its foundation.

Especially in rock and later in hip hop, it became closely associated with music and action sports. Rappers such as A$AP Rocky are well-known for their fashion sense. Kanye West, a fellow poet, has his own imprint called “GOLF,” which has resulted in numerous collaborations with artists such as Rocky and Tyler the Creator.

In order to understand why the Vans Old School is so popular, we must first understand what makes it so great.

Fashion footwear has never been easier to get your hands on, thanks to the Old School version of the Van. The mere notion of this suede and canvas sneaker has skaters drooling and fashion columnists clamoring. It’s subtle, timeless, and hasn’t changed much over the course of the last four decades.

What’s the point of changing it? The Old School is an undeniable classic in the footwear industry. The humble skate shoe has made its way into the realm of high fashion, where it can be found on the feet of the most powerful people in the industry.

As far as versatility goes, the Old School has it in abundance. This is the epitome of a shoe that can do it all. Jeans are in order. A pair of tailored pants is a must. Joggers are on the list. Shorts are in order. If you’re a guy who likes to dress up, this is a must-have shoe for your collection.


Clean and basic are the hallmarks of the Old School style. Because of these features, designing with it is a simple task. Even so, it makes sense to wear this shoe as a casual shoe.

The Old School is available in a wide range of colors, and sober alternatives like black, white, and blue are always going to be easier to style than fluorescent pink or rainbow checkerboard. Just make sure that nothing else in your ensemble is competing for attention if you choose a more vivid variety. Things need to be kept simple. For more info visit FlexDog.com.

It’s impossible to go wrong with jeans and a T-shirt when coupled with Old School sneakers. During the warmer months, wear shorts instead of leggings and team them with white tube socks for a skater-inspired look.

A white tee tucked into cropped grey dress pants looks sharp when worn over black Old Schools. It doesn’t get much better than this: a simple blue jacket or an over shirt.


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