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Our daily routine is incomplete without perfume and perfume bottles are an essential part of every vanity. However, have you ever paid attention to the fact that choosing the perfume bottle is equally important to choose the perfume? This is because putting efforts in perfume bottles for identifying the closure, pump, shape, and color will impact the entire experience. 

In addition, these factors will convey a specific message to the consumers along with the emotion that you want to recreate through your perfume brand or product. It’s safe to say that choosing the wrong perfume bottle will confuse the customers and they won’t even feel connected to the fragrance filled into the perfume bottle. 

That being said, if you are a perfume brand and want to choose the right bottle, you have come to the right place. This is because, with this article, we are sharing the guide for choosing the right perfume box and bottle. So, are you ready to get into the details?

How To Choose The Right Perfume Bottle?

There are some questions regarding perfume bottles that must be asked before choosing the right perfume bottle for the brand. These questions will eventually help you narrow down the accurate details or what you are trying to achieve. The questions include the following;

  • What is the product? – you need to consider if you are selling a luxury fragrance for men or women, a sport cologne, or an everyday perfume for everyone. 
  • What emotion will the perfume create? – you must consider if customers will feel inspired, relaxed, or active when they use the perfume.
  • How do you want the perfume to stand out? – you have to consider if the spray bottle or perfume pump to be unique or colorful or if you want to choose a stylish and effortless perfume bottle. In addition, you need to consider if you want a decorative closure for the perfume bottle. 
  • What is the competitive edge of the perfume product? – you have to consider the competitive edge of the perfume product and what makes it unique. These factors can include the costs, longevity, and bottle.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Perfume Bottle 

There is an extensive range of styles available in perfume bottles, pumps, and decorative factors. For this reason, there are a variety of bottle options and perfume boxes by WeCustomBoxes. In this section, we are sharing some aspects related to perfume bottles that must be considered!


There is an endless range of shapes associated with perfume bottles and you can get almost any shape that you want. Be it oval or round, square or cylinder, there are various shape options available. You have to keep in mind that shape plays an essential role in delivering the message or emotions to the customers. For instance, the oval and round bottles give away the feminine appearance while rectangular and square bottles tend to be more masculine. 


When we are talking about perfumes, size plays an essential role. This is because you can opt for a 15ml bottle for travel sizes or opt for 50ml and/or 100ml bottles for full sizes. So, when it comes down to the size, it depends on what you are trying to deliver to the customers (the costs will play an essential role in choosing the bottle size). 

Bottle Type

The majority of perfume brands use glass bottle but plastic is a fine option as well. Glass is generally a better idea because there are no chemicals involved that could have the tendency to seep into the packaging and manipulate the fragrance. In addition, even glass bottles have different styles, such as frosted glass or clear glass (there is colored glass available as well). 

Pumps or Sprays

Sure, you have chosen the right bottle but you need to consider the spray and pump as well. In particular, you have to consider the color and type of the spray and pump. This is because choosing the right look and color of the pump will influence the entire feel and look of the product. Generally, there are white, golden, and black pumps to choose from. 


Cap tends to be the final piece in the puzzle when perfume bottles are concerned. This is because you must have chosen the best bottle and pump but if the cap isn’t up to the mark, you will be left behind.

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