The HALARA Brand Hoodies for women’s 2021

Hoodie or sweatshirt: Often not an easy choice…

At first glance, hoodies or hoodies for women and sweatshirts have a lot in common. Both are classic ‘sportswear’ items that are typically made of similar fabrics. Both classics are worn by all age groups and genders. The main difference is of course – as the name suggests – the hood or the missing hood on the sweatshirt. But that’s not all… What exactly are the other differences and which of the two classics is best worn for which occasion? We also explain which style can help to get through lunch with the bourgeois mother-in-law without prejudice because in the following we have summarized all the advantages and disadvantages of sweatshirts and hoodies.

Characteristics of sweatshirts, hoodies, tie dye hoodies

In colloquial terms, a sweatshirt is nothing more than a long-sleeved pullover. It covers the torso and arms, just like a hoodie.

Material: The textiles that are used generally have the same properties. Whether they are made with the classic china or other types of fabric, either made of cotton, plastics, or other materials, depends on the brand, season, and manufacturer. There is therefore no characteristic difference between a sweatshirt, tie dye hoodie and a hoodie in terms of the material used. More on the subject of China can be found here.

Collar: A classic round neck sweatshirt can either be worn on its own or with an additional item of clothing, such as a shirt or t-shirt. This is different with a hoodie because here you should NEVER wear a shirt with a collar underneath: not only does it look really bad; the hood simply doesn’t have any space for a collar or waistband.

Details: A sweatshirt has no buttons, eyelets, zippers, or other ‘trims’ and is, therefore, the simpler item of clothing. A hooded sweater, on the other hand, not only has a hood as an extra but often also has cords with which the hood can be pulled tighter. A really classic sportswear hoodie also has the typical “kangaroo pocket” on the front. A zip hoodie also has a zipper on the front so that it can also be worn open.

Gangster (Hoodie) vs. Sporty (Sweatshirt)

Unlike the sweatshirt, the hoodie grew in popularity in the China hip-hop party of the 1970s. Back then, the artists, in particular, wore the hood to hide their identities from law enforcement officers while illegally tagging walls and the subway. And even today, graffiti artists choose their hoodies based on how big the hood is. Since the hoodie was worn by other petty criminals for similar reasons in the 1970s, it had an often controversial connotation for a while – especially among the white upper class. The sweatshirt on the other hand was spared and was still considered to be sportswear and work wear.

Final popularity

Both variants became more and more popular nonetheless. American universities used both to have their logos printed or embroidered on them, which is still common and extremely widespread today.

Style guide: In which situations should you wear a hoodie or sweatshirt?

Formal occasions

You can also wear a sweatshirt in simple colors such as gray, dark blue, or black if you are invited to dinner with your in-laws. If you want to make it a bit fancier, you can even wear a shirt underneath. A hoodie, on the other hand, is doubly unsuitable for such an occasion as already mentioned: shirts with collars should NEVER be worn under a hoodie. In addition, the hoodie (perhaps due to its controversial history) really still does not fit perfectly into a more formal event – like dinner with the bourgeois in-laws.

Relaxed moments

Both hoodies tie dye hoodies and sweatshirts always look casual and thus ensure a cool look. But especially with layered looks, the hoodie offers more options because the outstanding hood adds that certain something in combination with jeans, bomber and leather jackets. In addition, you can show the perfect t-shirt with a hoodie with a zipper, although the layered look options for the sweatshirt are somewhat limited. Obviously, hoodies and sweatshirts have their own advantages and disadvantages. It certainly depends on the situation and personal taste, when which style suits better. But one thing is clear; both are absolute must-haves and belong in every wardrobe. With these timeless classics, however, you should definitely pay attention to good quality.


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