The Ideal Way to achieve a Full Home Transformation on Budget

At Astaneh construction, we keep receiving elaborate projects of home renovation Toronto. As we have observed, homeowners have different motives in wanting a full-home transformation. These motives can be divided into two broad segments.

First, there are those people who have no immediate plans of selling their property. Their only objective is to upgrade their standard of living. A majority of people in this group invest in phased remodeling work, spread over several months, and sometimes even over a year. The different phases typically consist of kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, basement redesign, landscaping, and other sorts of work.

The other group is more interested in increasing the immediate curb side value of their property. Instead of a phased remodeling plan, they typically look for small-scale work such as kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling, something that can increase the property value but without burning a big hole in their pockets.

Our approach

At Astaneh construction, we handle all kinds of projects with equal importance. In our enterprise with home renovation Toronto, we handle the work, in most parts, by ourselves. We will hire a subcontractor in rare circumstances for elaborate work that our manpower may not suffice. At all stages, the homeowner will be kept in the loop, and every effort will be made to keep the work within budget even if a subcontractor service needs to be hired.

Good renovation work intends to transform the home into a better living experience. You would have to work it out with the professionals at Astaneh construction. Our rich experience with different kinds of remodeling work enables us to offer credible advice on how to get the most value out of the remodeling work. We work closely to incorporate the inputs from our clients to get a fantastic project done exactly according to specifications. Be it installing vinyl flooring for a kitchen renovation or having a cool basement theatre, we have seen it all. That said, we are always open to embracing new challenges in home renovation Toronto.

We encourage homeowners to provide us with a visual representation of what they are expecting whenever possible. You can furnish us with a picture from an interior design magazine or something that you have collected online. We are always ready and capable of bringing your vision to life. In fact, having a clear vision of what you would like to see is the first step of having a dream home.

The budget

Before continuing with the details of your project, it is imperative to have a clear-cut idea about the budget. The clearer you are about what you want, the better are your chances to have a budget estimate that would be closer to the actual value. To simplify it, Astaneh construction suggests proceeding in a phased manner when you want a full home renovation Toronto. Even if it is a small project, we will help you break it down into smaller parts to offer a clear breakdown of the costs involved.

Maybe, you only want a kitchen renovation done.  In that case, we will break it down into segments like tiling costs, carpentry, lighting, cabinets & hardware, and painting. The labor costs will be added on top of it. We will also include any additional expenditure involved. Your kitchen would possibly be out of reach for two weeks or so. During this time, you may have to arrange alternate accommodation at a BnB. That expenditure will be taken into account. Finally, we suggest keeping aside a contingency amount, lest there are additional expenses. Sometimes, while installing flooring, damages in foundations may be evident. It needs to be repaired and the contingency amount will come in handy.

Kitchen renovation is by far one of our most popular projects because it does not take much time, can be done on a budget, and adds to the resale value of the home. The same principles of step-by-step breakdown are applied to other rooms as well if you are looking forward to an elaborate project for home renovation Toronto with Astaneh construction.

We are not skeptical about the potential of DIY work to save money. All we want is that the DIY work should be carried along with us without disrupting our natural workflow. If you are an expert handyman who can handle carpentry, tiling, or a part of the demolition work, let us know. We will adjust our schedule accordingly so that you can accommodate the DIY work right into the schedule for home renovation Toronto.

However, we would also like to remind you that unless it is done with the same standard of quality as professional work, DIY work can botch up the good work done and leave your home in a mess. Even something so straightforward as the demolition work should be done right so as not to damage plumbing lines, for example. If you are unsure about your DIY skills, let Astaneh construction handle the kitchen renovation in full. You will not regret it.

Electrical and plumbing

These works are so important that they deserve a special mention. Astaneh construction has a highly capable team of electricians and plumbers who can handle any challenge. Many homeowners ask for special lighting requirements. We have a reliable network of suppliers who can provide the best quality lights in any kind of lighting you need. Lighting work should be done in tandem with painting. We will help you choose the right colour palette for all aspects of your home renovation Toronto. Colours are particularly important for good kitchen renovation Toronto work. Even if you want something radical, an all-black kitchen or an all-white kitchen, we are always ready to take up the challenge.

Wrapping up

The above sections tentatively describe how to achieve the ideal home renovation Toronto on a budget. Every home is unique and should be considered specifically. At Astaneh construction, we proceed in a highly systematic manner.  Whether you want a kitchen renovation only or basement remodeling work, give us a call. We will arrange an inspection of your property at a convenient time. Following the detailed inspection, it would be easy for us to provide a clear estimate. We only charge what is fair and never over the top. A dedicated project manager will look at your project and will be continuously accessible during the entire course of work. Visit https://astanehconstruction.com  to know more.


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