The Importance of Sending Funeral Flowers to Deceased Families or Friends


Flowers have been used as a tribute to a lost loved one for generations worldwide. Bringing flowers to the funeral of a deceased friend or family member has become a long-standing custom. However, others may wonder if this practice is still relevant. Flowers are a sign of life, representing birth and death through their tremendous visual beauty and lovely scents. However, they can also assist a bereaved person in expressing their sentiments about a deceased loved one without using words. An arrangement of flowers from Condolence Flowers & LED Funeral Flowers By Wreaths Singapore may often convey what words can’t, expressing condolences in the form of a gift to help beautify a funeral service.

Effects of Delivering Flowers to The Deceased Families

Bereaved families greatly appreciate the gesture of a flower funeral gift, and it helps them understand how their loved one’s death touched others. According to studies, receiving flowers improves a person’s mental well-being. Those of the few religions, on the other hand, do not customarily receive flowers at their funerals. The family may request that individuals donate to a specific charity “in place of” sending flowers. Your priority should be to honor a family’s desires and religious customs.

5 Points to Bear in Mind When Looking Flowers for A Funeral

As you shop for a flower arrangement for a friend’s or loved one’s funeral, ask yourself the following questions.

What Should You Send for Flowers?

Carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, and snapdragons are typical flowers delivered to a funeral. Inquire about the types of arrangements that your florist recommends, as well as what is seasonal in your area.

What’s The Difference Between Sympathy and Funeral Flowers?

Flowers sent for a funeral service are known as “funeral flowers,” they are usually a vast bouquet. “sympathy flowers,” on the other hand, are delivered directly to the deceased’s family’s house and are addressed to a specific relative or acquaintance. These arrangements are smaller than “funeral flowers,” and they are used to beautify the bereaved person’s house.

What If You Send a Plant?

Sending a plant is a great way to pay tribute to a friend who has passed away. A plant might be planted in the backyard or at a gravesite in many circumstances. Peace lilies, violets, and orchids are among the most popular plants that people send.

Can You Come Up with A Unique Arrangement?

There may be a method to make your funeral flowers one-of-a-kind and personalized for the person you’re honoring. Do you have any idea what color they like or what hobbies they like to do? Ask your florist if there’s anything special they can do to make it a one-of-a-kind arrangement for that person.

What Color of Roses Should You Send?

Roses are popular funeral flowers for various reasons, including their beauty and symbolic meaning of innocence, purity, and spirituality. Yellow roses symbolize wonderful friendship, while red roses symbolize love. Thankfulness is commonly expressed with pink roses.


Despite the fact that online providers like Condolence Flowers & LED Funeral Flowers By Wreaths Singapore have made sending flowers easier, it still requires more effort than just providing money. The time and attention you put into giving this mark of respect will undoubtedly be appreciated, from nitpicking the florist and floral arrangements to paying the fee.


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