The Importance of Transforming your love through loving your real spirit

To many people, falling in love and having it end in heartbreak is a horrible karmic retribution cycle. However, we seldom take the time to reflect on why these cycles continue to occur in our lives. Why do we keep falling in love with the same kind of people?

What’s the point of it all?

Our individual and communal soul evolution is the focus of an electromagnetic cosmos that works for us. The cosmos is well aware that the growth of our emotions is a prerequisite for our human progress and that love is a significant part of that evolution. To put it another way, love is one of the most telling signs of our progress; there is no better guide to show us the way of personal transformation.

However, to receive that insight, we must be receptive. Seven different rules regulate how we perceive love in relationships. There are rules of love and relationships designed to help people reinterpret their past problems, so they can better understand why things turn out the way they do.

You will never look at your love life the same way again after discovering the mysteries of love and how it helps your soul evolve.

Our conception of love is skewed because we believe that one must be in a relationship to be loved. But love is not something you get from another person; it is a condition of being inside oneself.

As long as we recognize that we embody divine love, we may draw more of that love into our lives. As a result, everything else flows from a place of profound love. You will attract love when you recognize that you are love, but that love must first originate from YOU since it is yours. Everything is made up of energy, and energy draws like things to itself. Self-love, in other words, attracts love. Love is an internal state of being, not something you get from another person.

Are you kind to yourself? No matter how much you love yourself, the universe won’t be able to detect the difference. Only the “love” vibration is read by it, so if you engage in activities you enjoy (such as yoga or jogging), your spiritual vibration will rise, and you’ll attract others who have a similarly high vibration to you. To discover how to transform energy for yourself, begin by focusing on loving your spirit truly.  You were made for a reason.  You are on this plane for a reason.  Be that reason.  Always keep in mind that finding love isn’t about where you go; it’s about where you are within yourself. What you enjoy will always entice more of what you like. It’s a rule of the divine.

What are you drawing to yourself?

When our buttons are pushed, our initial inclination is to become enraged or blame someone else. This happens because we become afraid to admit when we are wrong. Humans don’t like the embarrassment.  We don’t like to have to admit we were wrong.  Let it go.  We have complete control over whether or not those buttons are triggered while others are around us.  We decide to react or not.  Don’t let that negative energy come in.  Stay with love.


When you’re awake and aware, you can take responsibility for your behavior—and not blame someone. Once you’ve taken control of your own spiritual journey, you no one can control your choice, your behavior, your will. Consider this: How conscientious are you in your relationships with others? What are your triggers and can you ask yourself why? How can I move forward in love of my spirit to rise above my fears? These are questions to ask on the road to true transformation.


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