The legendary Ashes

cricket being such a traditional sport in many parts of the world, it is no surprise that some huge rivalries have appeared. At 1xBet – in play bet on these rivalries that  promise thrilling emotions every time that they are played.

Perhaps none other is more traditional than The Ashes. This is a cricket Test-match played between two of the oldest national squads, which are:

  • England;
  • and Australia.

In general, this series is organized every two years. They consist of five Test-matches, all of them offer in play bet options at 1xBet, and the overall winner of the series is considered as the winner of the trophy.

Origins of the series

With Australia and England being two of the oldest cricket teams in the world, it is not surprising that a rivalry between both of them currently exists. Throughout the years, this series, which is available for making any cricket match betting on 1xBet, has delivered epic performances.

The name of this series was given for the first time in 1882. Back then, Australia was touring England for a series of Test matches. At that moment, Australia had never beaten England in a cricket game, and since the latter was playing at home soil, an English win seemed to be obvious.

Yet, to everybody’s shock, Australia won those series. They took place on August 28 and 29 of 1882, and the Europeans were defeated by 7 runs.

Back then, it was said that “the English team would be cremated, and its ashes would be taken to Australia”. In the following series, the English team was “determined to recover the ashes”. That’s how the name stuck in the collective consciousness. This name persists even now, and on 1xBet it is possible to make any match betting on these cricket events, and all fans look forward to this series.

A fierce rivalry

England and Australia have been two of the most successful national cricket squads ever. Throughout the years, both squads have won roughly the same number of series. This means that whenever they face each other in matches featured at, an epic contest can be expected.

Some legendary cricket players have consolidated their careers after playing The Ashes. Some great names include Sir Donald Bradman, considered the best batsman in the history of the game, and also Shane Warne.

In general, the series is quite even. Throughout history, no team has been able to gain a significant edge over the other when looking at the overall statistics. This means that every time the series are played in the future, fans and 1xBet users will be able to see epic games.

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