The Material Used for Custom Holographic Acrylic Standees from Vograce

If you’re looking for the perfect material for your custom holographic acrylic standees or wood standee, you should consider the benefits of using Vograce XXL, which is lightweight, water resistant, and odorless. You’ll also find that it’s durable and eco-friendly.


There are many different kinds of durable materials that can be used for Custom Holographic Acrylic Standees from vograce. These standees can be very useful for decoration purposes, as well as gifts and anime toys. In addition to their unique look, these standees are also easy to shape and clean.

Vograce specializes in manufacturing custom acrylic products, stickers, badges, acrylic stand and novelty items. They have a state-of-the-art production facility and can produce custom products quickly. Their products are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

The material that Vograce uses for their products is acrylic, a kind of chemical material that can be dyed. Acrylic is a strong and durable material that can be bonded or cut. Compared with plastic, acrylic has better transparency, weather resistance, and chemical stabilizer.

Vograce uses a professional UV printing process to create its custom acrylic products. They also use a diamond cut process, which is a new process to ensure that the edges of their products are smooth.

Vograce’s acrylic products are available in a variety of designs and colors. Vograce can customize their products with sequins and glitter to create a personalized look.

Vograce produces products that are scratch and water-resistant, lightweight, and odorless. They also ship their products to customers via air or cargo ships.

They provide their customers with free art assistance, and they can customize their products to match their personal tastes. They offer a variety of discounts on orders, and they have discount vouchers and vouchers for bulk purchases.

Vograce custom clear acrylic charms are very durable and odorless. Besides the holographic and epoxy effect, they can be customized with a wide range of charms and accessories.


Vograce custom holographic acrylic standees are durable and odorless. They can be made into a variety of designs and colors. You can choose from a range of designs, including star holographic effect, broken glass, and more. The Vograce team will also custom make the design you need.

Water resistant acrylic keychains are light and easy to carry. They are odorless and have smooth edges. You can choose from clear, holographic, and epoxy engraved keychains.

Acrylic keychains are also customizable, meaning you can choose the style you want. Vograce offers over 100 different designs. You can choose to have them single-sided, double-sided, or rotatable. Your design can be engraved, printed, or silver/gold-plated.

The process of manufacturing acrylic keychains involves a professional UV printing process. The image is then printed on a high-transparent PET film. It is then attached to an acrylic sheet. This process allows for a three-dimensional effect.

Vograce custom holographic keychains are designed with a holographic film. These designs are durable and high-definition. The Vograce factory has 200 workers, so you know the products will be of high quality.

Vograce also offers custom shaped pins and bookmarks. Pins are molded from an acrylic or metal sheet and are available in a range of shapes. Customers can choose from round, heart, or star-shaped pins.

Vograce custom holographic tote bags are waterproof. With 18 small windows, these tote bags are stylish and easy to carry.

Vograce custom pins can be shaped into bookmarks, cuffs, and other accessories. Customers can choose from metal pins, acrylic pins, enamel pins, or more.

Vograce provides a range of custom acrylic products and is known for its superior quality and competitive pricing. Customers can enjoy discounts and free shipping facilities.


Vograce specializes in the production of customized acrylic standees, acrylic keychains, and other anime peripheral products. These products are ideal for decorating and advertising campaigns. They are made of environmentally friendly materials, and can be shaped into any shape.

Acrylic is an odorless material that can be used for a variety of purposes. Its advantages include being lightweight, durable, and easy to process. Moreover, it’s scratch-resistant and eco-friendly.

Custom acrylic standees from Vograce are available in many styles. For instance, they can be shaped into different shapes or etched with a holographic design. Some of them are also dishwasher-safe.

Vograce also offers LED light acrylic standees. These stands are easy to customize and can be illuminated by a remote control. Moreover, these stands are durable and colorful.

Aside from these accessories, Vograce manufactures a variety of other promotional items such as tote bags, throw pillows, phone grips, and more. The company has a production facility with a staff of 200 employees. This ensures fast delivery and excellent quality.

Moreover, Vograce has a professional team that can handle custom orders. They can also print the customer’s own artwork or design on the acrylic products.

Vograce also provides discounts for large orders. In addition, customers can enjoy a 60-day risk-free shopping guarantee. Furthermore, they can get a sample of the product before purchasing.

Vograce’s products are designed with 100% recyclable materials. Vograce’s professional team can design and manufacture any kind of acrylic products for you. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs. Moreover, your customized acrylic products are odorless, lightweight, and durable.

With these features, it’s no wonder that Vograce is one of the most trusted distributors of acrylic products. Their products are priced to fit your budget, and they can be shipped quickly.


Vograce is a manufacturer of unique items, including stickers, badges, square badges, round badges, acrylic boxes, acrylic standees, acrylic tote bags, and acrylic photocard holders. The company offers a wide variety of designs to choose from, as well as custom services and excellent customer service.

Vograce products are made of acrylic, which is a durable and lightweight material that can be shaped and bonded. These products are versatile and can be used for decorations, toys, and anime accessories. They are also available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Acrylic products are odorless and can be customized with bright color graphics. They are also scratch and water resistant, and are packaged in recyclable cardboard or plastic boxes.

Vograce products are produced with environmentally-friendly materials and are produced in an eco-friendly factory. In addition, they are designed to fit any budget.

Personalized Vograce products can be printed with various types of holographic options. Customers can choose from a star holographic effect, broken glass, or a laser effect.

Vograce has a factory that has 200 employees. The production process is streamlined to ensure fast delivery. Customers can also choose from a variety of additional processes.

Vograce produces its products with quality materials and professional UV printing. All of their products are manufactured using recycled materials.

In addition, they offer a 60-day risk free shopping guarantee. Aside from their products, Vograce offers promotional gifts and giveaways, as well as a discount voucher for purchases.

Vograce produces stickers with high-quality, environmentally friendly, and colorful materials. They also make custom-printed, die-cut stickers. These products can be shaped to any desired shape and are easy to create.

As a result, they can decorate any piece of artwork. They are a perfect way to add a personal touch.


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