The Metaverse is Hiring: 6 Unusual Professions Worth Mastering






The Metaverse is a new advanced version of the internet and many professionals are working on its creation. Consequently, new unusual professions appear and new jobs are posted. For instance, representatives of the Meta company revealed their plans to hire additionally 10 thousand of personnel to work in the Metaverse.

Below you will find the information about new professions emerging on the next generation internet. You will also find out which skills are needed to be a demanded specialist.

Virtual Items Authors and Artists

In the process of games creation more artists are involved than tech experts. It is most likely that the Metaverse will develop the same way. Jobs connected not only with visual design will be in a great demand, but also other types of creative professions. For instance, writers, composers and videographers.

Everyone who fills the Metaverse with any items becomes a part of its economy. Some designers, for example, help famous brands to be advertised in the Metaverse. For instance, DappCraft studio created CocaCola branded jackets, which you can wear in Decentraland.

VR Architects

Professionals in solution design for work, study and leisure in the Metaverse are being in a demand.  Usually they are game designers, producers, software and hardware developers. In most cases companies integrating their businesses in the Metaverse search for this kind of professionals.

VR architects work in agencies like Maff Metaverse. They build facilities and help bring the brand in the Metaverse. For instance, they can arrange a virtual event or interactive quest.

Communication Specialists

One of the advantages in the Metaverse is the ability to establish closer relations between the companies and the clients. It will stimulate new jobs for community managers, community leaders, customer service specialists, moderators, IT evangelists, consultants and curators.

Community manager work will include attracting new “residents” to the Metaverse and effective communication with them. As an example, CEO of Baidu company tried himself as a community manager during the virtual conference in Chinese Metaverse Xi Rang.  And after that, customer service employees will help beginners to understand the structure of the Metaverse.

Blockchain Gamers and DAO Members

The Metaverse will include a variety of games with Play-to-Earn model. Gaming will become a real profession. The projects where gamers can earn digital currency and NFT already exist. For instance:

Thetan Arena — MOBA game with characters in the form of NFT;

Neon District — cyberpunk step-by-step role-playing game;

Alien Worlds — space exploration game with TLM and NFT token mining.

Apart from leisure projects there are various decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) inside the Metaverse. One of the most popular types of DAO is investment DAO where the members pool their assets, invest in projects development and distribute income.

Performers and LIVE-singers

Entertainment is the fastest growing sphere of the Metaverse.  In addition to games and pre-created content it also involves online performances. The Metaverse offers jobs for musicians, stand-up comics, DJs, bloggers and streamers.

In the Metaverse performers can achieve effects unattainable in the real world: change the stage after each performance or go into space with the audience.  Newcomers also have a variety of opportunities in the Metaverse. Here they can find their audience or offer to buy tickets for their performances in the form of NFT.

“Bridges” Creators

It is a fact that there will always be an inextricable link between the Metaverse and the real world. As a result, a great number of people will be needed to create “bridges”, that is to transfer real objects to the virtual world and back. Thus, there are already open jobs for digital twins creation specialists, cartographers as well as public health and safety experts.

More and more famous people, influencers and millionaires invest millions of dollars in the Metaverse. One of the examples is the Sensorium Galaxy, a virtual universe with night clubs, parties and blockchain, where one of the top millionaires invested $100 million. And today the project already has contracts with the world superstars such as David Guetta. Moreover, their photorealistic avatars and digitized performances have been created in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is more and more becoming a part of our lives and anyway, we have to reckon and adapt to this new reality. And mastering new demanded in the Metaverse professions is the best way to face the challenges of the virtual universe.

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