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Poker is doubtlessly among the most played card games in the world. Hollywood movies and TV shows partially helped its worldwide popularity. Yet, the game has been the main subject of countless academic research, not to mention all the novels revolving around the game. There isn’t only one type of poker, though. If you’re tired of the same old game and want to learn new tricks, this article is for you.

The Name of the Game

No one knows for sure where the game came from. Some historians refer to the French Poque, the Irish Poca, and the German Pochen. The rules and card combinations are so ordinary that they could have come from anywhere. The first reference to the issue dates from 1837, published at the Foster’s Complete. The publication states that American poker derives from a Persian game called As Nas.

Over time, the game gained many different versions, and top platforms, such as casino NetBet,  expanded the possibilities even further. So, if you want to step out of your comfort zone, here are five of the most played kinds of poker.

Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is the most popular variation, by far. In this classic version, players get only two cards. Before the game starts, there’s a round of blind bets. Then, three cards are put face up on the table. Those are called community cards. Then, there’s another round of betting before the fourth card is placed. The same happens with the fifth card. A betting round comes in between cards.


Every player starts with four cards in hand in this variation. Yet, only two of them can be combined with the community cards; these are called “hole cards”—the community cards and rounds betting work the same as in Texas Hold ’em. Because of similarities with Texas Hold ’em, most players who can play one competently can also play the other.

Draw Poker

Unlike the classic version, players can trade their cards in draw poker. Usually, players have the right to exchange three cards, while the game starts with five. The draw phase comes after each betting round when players indicate how many cards they wish to trade. Draw poker rules can also be found in many video poker games.


If you’re looking for a poker variation full of cards, this one’s for you. Here, players start with five or seven cards, although the version with seven cards is more popular. Instead of community cars, the game begins with one card facing up and two facing down. Those are called “door cards” and “hole cards”, respectively.


Razz inverts the common logic of the game, and the winners are those with the lowest hands. This game has completely different strategies and gameplay from traditional ones, as aiming for the lowest hands requires different thinking. Although it’s not as popular as the other versions mentioned above, and can still be found in many online casinos.


When trying a new version, do it in a safe environment. There are plenty of free online platforms for playing all types of poker one can imagine. Consider practising in one of these platforms before jumping into the real deal.

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