The Need to Plan Your Downsizing

Downsizing your home gives you clarity and an easier lifestyle. Many people are opting for it and many more will shortly as it is hard to manage bigger homes filled with trash. Though it may seem easy to remove things, downsizing actually is a very complicated and stressful process. It takes planning to successfully downsize your home else you may end up repenting on losing some important items. If you do not plan your downsizing properly, it may result in a mess with an increased need for storage and increased cost too.

Why We Need to Plan

We need to plan the downsizing process and also to execute the planning well. Mostly, we downsize our home to move to a smaller place and the process of moving may take longer than assumed and if you have planned your downsizing well, you will get enough time to plan your move too. Secondly, not planning your downsizing well means unsorted stuff to pack for the movers and as we all know that moving companies charge hefty amounts for their services, it is not wise to hire them for longer. These companies only help in packing the stuff provided to them and that should be sorted in advance. It becomes all the more important if you are moving state to state. A well-planned downsizing process will ensure the removal of all unwanted items before the professional movers will come to pack the stuff. Planning your downsizing will keep you from the stress of making hasty decisions as you will have enough time to consider the usage of a particular thing before taking it out.

Why Should We Downsize

Downsizing your home may benefit you in more than one way. There can be many reasons behind downsizing your home but the following are some of the common benefits.


Living in a smaller place with less stuff around gives you and your family the feeling of togetherness as bigger homes keep people away from each other. A small home encourages togetherness and a closer relationship with an increased bonding time. A bigger home often keeps family members away from each other as they limit themselves to their rooms. The psychological benefits of downsizing make your life happy and fill it with the love of your own people.

Easy to Manage

It’s a fact that managing smaller homes with less furniture is much easier to maintain than big homes. Housekeeping becomes an integral part of your life with a big house while a small house makes it easy for you to take time out for yourself. You save money by not spending on hiring housemaids as you can a small house yourself. Many people find it easier to manage less stuff and keep a small home cleaner and tidier than a bigger home.

Make Memories and Not Things

It is easy to accumulate stuff over time and this will not get you anything but clutter. Try to relate to everything that you own and too much of it will make you insane. Make sure you keep only those things that you truly need and let go of all the unwanted and never-used stuff. Also, try and make your home energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The lesser the impact of your home on the environment, the more you will save money and energy.

Fresh Start

Take note whenever you clean a single wardrobe, you feel much fresh than usual. De-cluttering your home removes all the stale and negative energies from your home. Clutter invites chaos and negativity and that leads to restlessness and anxiety. It is wise to downsize your home and start a new lifestyle. A perfectly clean and managed house omits positive vibes and regenerates energy. You get more space to do activities like yoga and to play family games.

Low Ownership Cost

The smaller the home, the lesser the utility bills will be. Downsizing your home will make your housing affordable. Even property tax is less for smaller homes. It takes less energy to heat and cool a smaller home than a bigger one and that saves you a lot of money. Less stuff means less maintenance and you won’t have to be worried about the repairs of many things lying unused at your place. Furniture items start looking old and need to be polished at certain intervals even if you do not use them, so it is wise to get rid of all unwanted items to save money and space.

Lower Moving Cost

If you are downsizing your home before moving to another place, it will cut your moving expenses to an unimaginable low. Moving companies charge based on the size and weight of your move so it doesn’t make sense to take all your stuff to your new place. Consider removing all unwanted clothes, broken things like DVDs, old books, and shoes from your list of movables.


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