The next big trends/innovations for online casinos

There is no doubt that the iGaming industry has managed to experience a huge boom over the last decade or so and the improvements in technology have certainly played an enormous role in making sure that can happen.

Over the last 10 or so years, players have been able to access a huge variety of different games and titles available at an online casino like Casino777 via the use of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, whilst they have also been able to experience some rather immersive experiences at the very same time as graphics, sounds and even gameplay has undergone a number of changes over the same period.

However, whilst many may feel that the current level provided by the industry is already at an all-time high and a level that would have once been unimaginable, there is no doubt that there are going to be a number of new innovations to hit the sector in the next couple of years, if not within the next 12 months.

Virtual and Augmented reality

Indeed, one of the biggest innovations that will likely arise in the coming years will be the introduction of virtual and augmented reality. VR and AR are technologies that are already starting to be introduced across a variety of sectors, meaning it could be argued that the iGamng industry is a little slow to adopt them.

However, developers such as Evolution Gaming have already taken a leap of faith with the technology and have already provided players with the opportunity to play titles with it installed. As we head more and more into the future, it would be wise – and almost impossible – not to ignore these advancements and expect titles with this type of technology to appear more regularly.

Players are keen to enjoy real-time and authentic gaming experiences, which is why the industry has already seen a huge boom in live dealer games in recent memory, but with the hunger and needs of bettors always wanting to be satisfied, operators and developers will have no choice to implement these features as soon as they possibly can.

Cryptocurrency as a form of payment

Whilst there are some online casino platforms and operators who already allow punters to use cryptocurrency as a form of accepted payment, it would not be a surprise to see even more to allow it in the near future.

The digital asset provides users with a number of additional benefits such as increased levels of security and privacy compared to traditional fiat finance, which has resulted in more and more gamblers looking at it as a viable payment solution. Of course, with operators continuing to fight with each other to be able to acquire new clients and retain the members that they have already, it is a trend and innovation that has become far too predictable to happen, but one that many will consider a must if the iGaming industry is to continue to evolve and grow in the future.

Improved AI technology and use of big data

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology and big data are prevalent around the world and are already widely used by online casinos across a variety of different services and facets of the platform. Indeed, AI can be found when it comes down to customer support, live dealer games and even in computer-based digital games such as slots and casino table games, whilst big data is being used in order to help games be more efficient, whilst also identifying cheaters.

Whilst the two different technologies are already heavily featured within the industry, it would be a surprise if the technology did not get better over the coming years that could benefit the online casino scene far greater than it already is.

The technology can ultimately save an operator a lot of money, whilst it can also be used to ensure the fairest and most efficient gaming experiences are provided, which is all a gambler wants to be able to enjoy when they participate in a session.


It is clear that there are a number of potentially great innovations and trends that the online casino industry could benefit from in the near future as technology continues to evolve and get better. Whilst each of these will be advantageous for the operators, it will also have an additional positive impact on those who use their services, as well.


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