The optimal method to download Instagram videos on Android and iOS 

Android and iOS are the most used operating systems today. In terms of market share, Android and iOS currently account for 99.7% of the market share on current smartphone models and are expected to increase in the near future. These two operating systems often have certain differences, so there are very few applications or tricks that are suitable for both operating systems. 

That has caused inconvenience to many users, especially Instagram users. They often have to search for different tricks to download Instagram videos when changing mobile operating systems or have to use different ways when using both operating systems. Besides, you may also be dissatisfied when the tips you share are not applicable to other operating system users.

Don’t worry if you are in such a situation because we will help you solve this problem with an extremely optimal method. Please continue to follow the article to learn how to download Instagram video online on both Android and iOS.

How to download Instagram videos online

The method that we want to introduce to you has been applied by us many times, so it is extremely safe and you can completely trust. 

Nowadays, you can come across many Instagram video downloaders introduced as well as there are many articles that have introduced you on how to download Instagram videos separately for Android and iOS. However, you will find that not all Instagram downloaders are suitable for all situations. Besides, with articles presenting separate ways for each operating system it makes you confused and difficult to follow.

That’s why the Instagram downloader that we want to introduce today is SnapInsta. This is the optimal method we want to talk about. With the support of SnapInsta, you don’t have to worry about downloading Instagram videos on both Android and iOS.

If you are curious how to do it, follow the detailed steps below.

  • Copy video link
  • Open your Instagram app and watch Instagram videos as usual.
  • Then select a video you like and click the 3 dots on the post to copy the link. You can get the video feed, story, Reels, IGTV video URL you like to take the next steps.
  • Paste video URL
  • If you are using iOS then go to the Safari browser and search for SnapInsta website.
  • If you use the Android operating system, then open the Chrome browser and visit the SnapInsta website.
  • Once you have entered the SnapInsta website, you need to select the appropriate mode to download the video. 

For example: If you need to download video feed, choose normal video download mode. And if you need to download Reels, story and IGTV videos, SnapInsta also has a similar mode to download. So watch and choose carefully.

  • After selecting the appropriate mode, the remaining work is to paste the video URL into the “Paste URL Instagram” link field. You can paste the link by clicking in the white field and holding it for a few seconds to get a suggestion to paste the link, or select the word “Paste” right next to it and let SnapInsta paste the URL you copied. When you want to change, select “Clear”.

  • Download Instagram video
  • Make sure you have completed step 2. In step 3 you need to press the word “download” right next to the box where you paste the Instagram video URL.

  • Next, you will find a blue box with the words “Download Video” right below the video to download. Click on it and wait until the video has been downloaded to your device.

If you are a careful person, then check and preview the video before downloading to avoid errors or any possible confusion.

With SnapInsta, you don’t have to worry about finding the right trick for every situation and confusing ways to download Instagram videos on different operating systems. 

In addition, with SnapInsta, you do not need to register or worry about possible information loss and do not have to waste phone space to download applications to your device.

Additional information

As mentioned above, with SnapInsta.App you do not need to download any supporting applications and can still download Instagram videos on both Android and iOS. However, in case you feel that accessing SnapInsta is too inconvenient, you can completely download SnapInsta APK to your device.

SnapInsta APK has an interface similar to SnapInsta website and you absolutely do not have to register an account when downloading this application to your device.

To download SnapInsta APK, you need to visit the SnapInsta website. Then, wait a few seconds and you will receive a few seconds to download SnapInsta APK to your device. You need to click on the suggested line and accept the download. Once the download is complete, you will find SnapInsta on your phone screen.


The best method to download Instagram video on Android and iOS has been detailed by us in the article. After testing many methods, this is the most practical method that we would recommend. Please apply and let us know your opinion in the comments section below. Thanks for following the post.


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