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Our first evaluation of a Kuu laptop, but it’s only one of several IT companies that rely on ODMs and OEMs. In the case of the K1, the webcam’s location is similar to the Lhmzniy A9 14.1-inch laptop we tested earlier this year.

The kuu laptop review

The question is, how does the newbie fare in this world of identikits? Let’s take a closer look. Every other laptop from China has a magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis with a brushed finish, and the Kuu K1 is no exception to that rule.

As a 15.6-inch notebook, it measures 36 x 24 x 2.5cm and weighs 1.8Kg. Also, there are many ports, but none of them are Type-C, which is unfortunate. Additionally, there’s a headphone jack, microSD card slot, and proprietary power port in addition to an HDMI output. We’d love to have an extra USB 3.0 and dedicated LAN port when it comes to keeping pricing low.

Viewing the Webcam in Close-Up

We don’t like that the touchpad is smack-dab in the center of the palm rest area and has a fingerprint reader on the left-hand side. Unlike the A9, its webcam lacks a privacy cover, which is a missed opportunity.

Feet made of rubber

Two speaker grilles and a rectangular vented surface can be found on the device’s bottom, hidden by four rubber feet. There are four screws hidden behind two rubber feet, and they are all of the various sizes.

Review of the Kuu G3 Laptop

As time has progressed, the world of Chinese notebooks has become more and more diverse. However, some manufacturers have lifted the bar by selling laptops with more advanced technical characteristics, even if they still provide low-cost peripherals on the one hand. In the view of KUU G3, it is a notebook with AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor sold at a very reasonable cost. What we enjoy and what we don’t like are listed below.


Let’s begin with aesthetics. Chinese laptops have always benefited from their exterior design, and the KUU G3 is no exception. The exact opposite is true. In terms of aesthetics, Apple’s Macbook Pro can be compared.

Review of the KUU Laitnin G3

Despite its poor first impressions, the laptop opens with one hand, unlike many other Chinese laptops. If the lid is fully opened, rivals tend to lift it off the table. However, this one is more stable on the table and can be opened with one hand.

Even when the doors are open, the looks are still excellent. While the bezels are thin, our unit has silver bezels instead of black, as depicted in all renderings on the internet.

On the right side of the keyboard, there is a numeric keypad. However, there are no accented characters and symbols. It won’t be an issue for individuals who are used to writing, and the reverse is also true. Consider using the stickers that come with your order to denote accented letters and symbols.

Review of the KUU Laitnin

In terms of aesthetics, we didn’t see any problems. To make us laugh, we may mention the 1.8-kilogram weight. Be mindful that we’re always talking about a 15.6-inch notebook, which is enormous.


Before we get into the technical details of this laptop, let’s look at a few features that are likely to be necessary to those who purchase it. As a starting point, let’s talk about keyboarding. Promoted. Unlike other low-cost Chinese keyboards, the KUU G3 does not suffer from the problem of being at the boundaries of usability like many others.

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