The Tips for Buying CBD products in Switzerland

During the last few years, the Cannabidiol worldwide industry has grown by double digits. CBD oil has seen a meteoric rise in popularity among these products, with many people swearing for its numerous advantages. Because of its lax laws, Switzerland’s CBD business is one of the most rapidly expanding in the European Union (EU). Many new firms are opening their shops to take advantage of this new opportunity, according to Tages-Anzeiger, which predicts the market will be worth CHF 320 million by 2027.

Swiss CBD products are allowed to contain up to 1% THC, allowing a wide range of CBD products to be sold in Switzerland if you look to CBD kaufen. When it comes to Cannabidiol Flowers, many are exclusive to the European market. Due to the 0.2 percent THC limit, other European countries, including France, have restricted options. So, if you want to buy Swiss CBD oil online, here are some helpful hints.

Avoid Swiss CBD with a THC content greater than 1%.

It is required by Swiss legislation that products containing Cannabidiol contain less than 1% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As a result, anything with a higher THC content than that is prohibited at the moment. As a result, the goods may be seized and forfeited, and there may also be fines. These items are widely available in the US, even though they are tough to come by. Importing them may seem simple, but customs may confiscate your package even if you buy CBD from a trustworthy CBD kaufen.

In comparison to the rest of the EU, Switzerland has a substantially higher tolerance for THC concentrations. If you live in the EU, your local legislation on Cannabidiol should be checked. France, for example, has a 0.2 percent limit. With a THC content of less than 0.2 percent, our Full Spectrum CBD oil from 1807 Blends complies with EU regulations.

The use of hemp-derived Cannabidiol

Many CBD buyers go with the first brand they find in the search engine results. Finding the best Cannabidiol products is easier if you conduct some research on Swiss CBD brands. This is because many brands claim to be Swiss when they are not. Cannabidiol flowers are grown overseas, despite claims that their product is created in Switzerland. Beware of these deceptive marketing strategies! Instead, contact them directly by e-mail or live chat to see whether they have a customer service department.

We grow our flowers and CBD kaufen oil from them here at 1807 Blends. Switzerland is where all of our testings are done in the labs. However, only a small number of companies have complete control over their whole supply chain. As a result, be sure the claims about “Swiss CBD” are correct. Because industry regulations are still shaky, brands are taking advantage of the situation.

Plantation of CBD Hemp in Switzerland

Hemp growing became allowed in Switzerland in August 2016 as long as the plant’s THC level does not exceed 1%. Anyone can now legally produce hemp in Switzerland. The lack of a cultivation license is a significant benefit for organizations wishing to start a growing operation. The time and money you save as a corporation is vast because all you have to do to start growing hemp is set up and register your firm.

But not everyone wants to be a hemp farmer, and some of you may want to open a CBD storefront on the internet. Alponics, the parent company of 1807 Blends, began as a wholesaler with a vast facility and an in-house laboratory to manufacture high-quality CBD oil.


We bought a vast farm in early 2020 and are now cultivating our organic Cannabis flowers on it. In addition, we’re now serving Cannabidiol start-ups looking for white label solutions, where we manufacture the oils and package them on behalf of the businesses. So, if you’re interested in launching a Cannabidiol brand, feel free to contact us at Alponics. We’d be pleased to teach you what we know and assist you along the way.


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