The ultimate guide to inflatables for children’s parties

An inflatable can take your child’s birthday party to a whole new level. However, inflatables are not only great for parties but can also be used for weekend games.

Not to mention that riding an inflatable is not as difficult as it used to be. It’s as easy as taking it out of the bag, unrolling it, plugging in the blower, and turning it on. Then sit back, relax and watch your child’s eyes light up with delight as the structure inflates.

Inflatables have been gaining popularity at children’s parties, mainly because they are safer and more entertaining than the alternative: trampolines. It also gives kids a place of their own without adult supervision (although some inflatables are so big you could fit in too). Depending on your personal preferences, you can buy or rent an inflatable hammock. However, we believe that buying a bounce house is the way to go up. They practically pay for themselves after a few uses and can be sold when no longer needed.

Features of modern bounce house

Modern inflatable rides don’t have any of the old “moon house” problems. This is mainly due to advances in textile technology and manufacturing technology.

Modern textiles create stronger, more durable areas for children to play. Gone are the days when nails pierced through the fabric. New Age fabrics add the added benefit of being stronger for the same weight. This translates into significant weight savings, allowing you to assemble a bouncy castle yourself in minutes. Ask any experienced rental company owner and you’ll find out how much old inflatable weigh.

The introduction of high-performance plastics also makes the blower lighter. The old blowers were made of metal and were loud. Modern inflatables use lightweight and quiet fans. In fact, smaller unit blowers (i.e. 12′ x 12′) sound about the same as a vacuum cleaner.

Modern sewing machines also reduce human involvement in the process of splicing panels. This results in straighter lines, no manufacturing errors, and lower prices. Modern stitches are also stronger because they have more reinforcement in weak areas than older designs. While older “moon houses” can also have bracing, the extra manual labor means they’re much more expensive.

Because sewing is now cheaper than it used to be, designers can add extra functionality while keeping the price affordable. In the past, integrating slides, inflatable sidewalls and climbers was not possible.

Types of inflatable houses

Indoor bounce house

Indoor party inflatable rentals are smaller and shorter than traditional options on the market. To install in or in a garage, the bounce area needs to be smaller. Jumping areas are usually between 63 and 100 square feet and are best for younger children. So if you’re looking for a small Bounce house rentals AZ that can be placed in the basement or set up in your kid’s room, this is the perfect choice for you.

However, if you plan to take this type of structure outside, there are a few things to keep in mind. Indoor bounce houses are usually made of lighter materials than other bouncers. Lay down heavy tarps and secure the bounce house with ground stakes. Please note that these inflatables cannot be used in windy weather or rain. Because of their lightweight, they are easily blown away by gusts of wind, even with children inside.

The indoor party inflator is made of nylon for the non-bounce area, while the actual jump area is reinforced with 18 oz. PVC. These materials are easily damaged by rocks and sharp branches. Therefore, it is best not to install the bounce house outdoors.

Some indoor bouncers are not equipped with blowers. They have to be inflated and then capped. Over time, they lose pressure, making them less rigid and harder to bounce back.

Standard Bounce House

These inflatable structures resemble indoor party inflatables only in appearance. However, they are made of thicker materials. They have more reinforcements at the seams and near the entrance. They also feature a blower that provides a constant supply of air and pressure to the seat cushions.

Inflatable Bounce Water Park

This bounce house is designed for use with water. Standard inflatable homes can be dangerous when wet. However, these water park structures have extra texture to prevent slips and slip accidents.

When investing in a water park, you can choose from a variety of features, including splash pools, slides, and water slides. These parks are best used during the summer months and are generally enjoyed by people of all ages.

If you’re looking for a Water slide rentals AZ designed for home use, you can find slide accessories that can be used with your swimming pool.

However, a small downside to inflatable water parks is that you have to wait for them to dry completely. Folding and storage when wet can cause mold. Rest assured the few minutes of waiting will be worth it.

Commercial bouncing inflatable

As the name suggests, these bounce houses are designed for frequent use, and they can withstand more abuse than consumers. If you are an event planner, we recommend that you choose commercial bouncers specifically to accommodate large numbers of children. Commercial-grade inflatables are made from multiple layers of material to increase their durability. Because they are usually very large, some even require multiple fans to keep pressure on each corner.

Some additional tips include:

Remove sharp objects from children’s pockets. Think keys and pens. These can puncture fabrics or cause dangerous injuries.

Teach children not to push each other while playing on the inflatable structure. Hard shells can cause kids to trip over each other, or worse, be thrown out of the bounce house.

If the bounce house has walls, teach your child not to bounce off the walls. This could cause the entire structure to fall and cause injury.

Make sure the kids take off their glasses, jewelry, and shoes before entering the bounce house. This could damage the fabric, or worse, hurt another child.

Do not allow children to carry bottles, food, and drinks in the bounce house. This can lead to a mess that you have to clean up later. Glass bottles or cutlery is also a safety concern.

Install the bounce house away from windows, gazebos, greenhouses, tree branches, and house fences. Placing bounce houses too close to these can cause dangerous damage or injury to the structure.

Don’t forget that the kids can also run around in the bounce house while they play. Try setting it away from any obstacles.


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