The Ultimate Introduction of EDC Flashlight

What is an EDC Flashlight?

An EDC flashlight is an abbreviation for Everyday Carry flashlight. These flashlights are usually lightweight and compact and offer enough functionality for, you guessed it, everyday use.

Who needs an EDC Flashlight? 

You might be asking. The answer is EVERYBODY. Imagine a blackout, and you must run into every piece of furniture before reaching your emergency flashlight. With an EDC flashlight, you would have it on your person or close by and ready to GO! It is a vital survival gear that can get you out of sticky situations and save the day. An EDC flashlight doesn’t need the functionality of a tactical flashlight. EDC lights can be great for outdoor activities like camping but don’t fit when you’re a first responder.

Why do you need an EDC flashlight?

The simple answer would be, WHY NOT. But a more detailed reply would be that it better prepares you for the uncertainty the world might throw your way. If you like to have fun in the dark, it would be handy to have a powerful, long-lasting light source. And if you go to work in low light or total darkness, your EDC flashlight becomes a survival flashlight.

Considerations when choosing an EDC flashlight

You know what an EDC light is and how it can serve as a survival flashlight, but deciding which model or brand to choose from is a different ball game. Not to worry, we have got you covered. Below is a list of factors you need to keep at the back of your mind when shopping for EDC flashlights.

Portability, The purpose of having an everyday carry flashlight is defeated when it becomes too bulky. Therefore, to qualify as an EDC light, it must be light enough to be carried on your person effortlessly and simultaneously, not compromise on its brightness.

Features the flashlight must be compact and portable. It is more important that it is a flashlight first and foremost. And it comes fitted with extra features that give you more value for your money. Some of these features include but are not limited to the following:

Some EDC torches have a USB port to charge other devices

You can choose different light modes (usually high, med, and low) to save battery.

Design A good flashlight, EDC or not, should be able to combine both functionality and design seamlessly. And most flashlights accomplish this task in more ways than one. For example, some feature a rugged grip that makes the torch easy to handle, and some flashlights are fitted with a magnetic base that allows you to use them hands-free.

Brightness, The primary function of any flashlight is to serve as a light source in low or no-light conditions. Brightness is measured in the lumen, and for context, the iPhone X flashlight is approximately 12 lumens at its lowest and 50 lumens at its highest setting.

On the other hand, these small flashlights can be as much as 1,000 lumens bright. That’s about 20 iPhones, without accounting for the super long ranges these torches bring to the table.

Durability They might be small and handy, but they are not toys — at least, they should not be. Compactness mustn’t be mistaken for tacky, and the flashlights should have superior, long-lasting, and durable builds. Many brands have waterproof, fireproof, and even crushproof builds.

Budget All these fancy gizmos, and you’re probably worried it’s outside your budget. While they are affordable, many might exceed your budget. Regardless, many cheap options on the market would fit your budget perfectly, but how much functionality you would get from those devices would depend on what you have planned for the EDC lights.

Power One thing you don’t want to worry about as far as emergency lighting is concerned is whether it is running out of juice or you need to scamper around to get it charged. The flashlight’s ability to retain that charge is arguably more important than getting it charged. The flashlight should stay on for long periods without overheating or needing a recharge.

High-end flashlights usually offer users several power options, ranging from AC and DC power to solar-powered.

Arkfeld Flat Flashlight The Arkfeld is the first dual light source and portable EDC Flashlight at Olight. 2 color temperatures and 5 brightness levels, as well as a  memory function that allows you to select what you like with one click. An amazing max 1,000lumens output can light up every corner you can see. The green laser, a good helper when making a presentation or amusing your pets, is also featured in the flashlight. The creative switch design (Central Button & Selector) is practical and beautiful. Besides, the magnetic charging cable enables you to have it charged automatically. Lastly, the flashlight is flat and features a clip, making it easy to carry (3.07oz in weight and 0.59in thickness). It can be clamped onto your pockets and shirts without noticing its existence. 

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