The Unknown Benefits of a Lumbar Support Pillow

If you suffer from back pain, whether chronic or periodically, you know just how debilitating it can be at times. Some days, you might not feel like doing anything and find it difficult to complete even the most basic of tasks. 

Fortunately, there are solutions that can greatly improve your quality of life and give you the strength and energy to make it through the day. You no longer have to let your back problems control your life, affect your work, or leave you in pain.

With the help of an Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support pillow, you can finally take back control of how you feel. Most people know that lumbar support cushions offer relief from aches and pains. But there are some less common pros to using them, as well. 

Here, you will learn the unknown benefits of a lumbar support pillow and why you should seriously consider investing in one right away.


This is a big one that often gets overlooked. One of the best ways you can protect your back is by preventing problems from arising in the first place. A lumbar support pillow from Everlasting Comfort uses memory foam to conform to your specific body type.

Unlike traditional foam cushions, memory foam pillows work to hug your body and provide support where you need the most. You simply can’t get this level of personalized support with other cushion types.

Since everyone’s body is unique and therefore different, a memory foam lumbar support pillow perfectly adapts to your body type and supports your spinal column expertly. As such, you will benefit from optimal comfort and relief from pain.

And because of this, you are taking preventive steps to avoid further back problems from arising. 

Reduced Sciatica Pain

The sciatic nerve can be a very touchy part of your body. It is the root cause of many people’s back problems and deserves attention. When you use a lumbar support pillow, you are effectively alleviating pressure on your sciatic nerve, thus keeping your back and body from experiencing flare-ups. 

Any time your sciatic nerve is under excessive pressure, lower back pain is likely to occur. What’s more, sciatica pain can be so severe that it can interfere with your daily life, causing you to perform poorly at work or interfering with your sleep. 

Moreover, sciatica problems can cause you to feel pain in your buttocks, legs, and hips. There are many causes of sciatica, but prolonged sitting is one of the primary culprits. You can address this culprit by using a lumbar support pillow and taking the pressure off of your sciatic nerve.

Healthier Sleep

As we’ve mentioned already, back pain can interfere with your sleep. And since one of the primary culprits of back pain is sitting, such as that caused by sciatica, it makes sense to address your sitting arrangements to start improving your sleep quality. 

When you invest in a quality lumbar support pillow, you can effectively improve your overall health. Your pain will be reduced or even eliminated, thus ensuring healthier sleep at night. 

And although you take things a step further by investing in a good mattress, how you manage your sitting arrangements throughout the day goes a long way in dictating what kind of sleep you get at night. 

What’s more, you can even use your lumbar support pillow in bed to better support your back and body while you sleep. There are also specific memory foam support cushions designed for bed use, so don’t forget to look into them, as well.

Less Stress

Back and body pain is responsible for making people feel tired, anxious, and stressed. When you are exhausted as a result of pain, it tends to sap the positive energy right out of you. 

Thankfully, reducing your pain levels helps to restore your happiness, leaving you less stressed and feeling far more capable of taking on the day ahead. And when you take steps to improve your quality of sleep, you can look forward to having more energy and focus when you awake.

Remember, physical and mental health share connections. When you take care of one, there’s a good chance it will take care of the other in some ways, as well.

Invest in a Lumbar Support Pillow Today

You can take the first step toward freedom by investing in a lumbar spine pillow. You’ll enjoy better focus at work, improved sleep quality, higher energy levels, and much more.


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