WWE is epic entertainment that started in 1993 and has been going on since. The show is based on the thrilling sport of wrestling and it involves multiple serenading sequences and rounds. There is no doubt about how people are hooked to this classic show regardless of their age and gender. WWE has given us iconic stars that are loved for their wrestling abilities, acting, appearance as well as their unique style, to add more context the best examples of WWE stars are Dwayne Douglas Johnson known as the Rock in the world of wrestling along with the famous Paul Michael Levesque who ruled the world of WWE as Triple H and many others who are still known as WWE wrestlers even after retiring. There are multiple causes for the wrestlers to gain so much popularity, some are known for the number of fights they’ve won while others are loved for their bewitching appearances however some are also admired for their style like Christopher Keith Irvine better known as Chris Jericho. This one time he appeared in a black lit-up leather jacket which allured almost everyone who watched him at that time. Like many other trends set by celebrities, this one also followed the queue and became one of the most wanted jackets by men. People started looking for this style everywhere but found it difficult to get their hands on it however few of the brands did manage to create a replica of the original style but the prices could not convince people to purchase it as much as they wanted to.

The Y2J Jacket is an exclusive article that needs to be made with sheer attention and so our search for reliable and authentic brands started, with some struggle, we managed to land on an online store called the Distressed  Jackets that had this jacket on the exposition. The Y2J Jacket has a faux leather base that illuminates because of the presence of little LED lights sewed to its front. The jacket is designed with a simple shirt-style collar which is disintegrated into a front closure maintained by a YKK zipper in silver. The hemline of this blazer is uniquely styled with silver metallic hooks but that is not the only uncommon aspect of this leather item but the sleeves are also ornamented with silver studs that cover the entire length of sleeves from the shoulders to the cuffs, speaking of cuffs it has buttoned-closure and similar type of silver metal hooks that are stitched on the hemline.

The Y2J Jacket is known and loved for multiple reasons one simply has to be its eye-catching style while the embellishments mentioned above, there is one more as well as the greatest attraction of this design that top it all. The lights, it is unlikely in fact rarely, seen that any wearing clothing item is styled with lights. So the Y2J Light-up Jacket is adored for its exemplary design of lights that are stitched on the front, at both sides continuing to the back of this article in a vertical line as well as on the hemline at the back while the makers have also covered the sleeves of the jacket with a sequence of lights. The lights can be switched on whenever needed and the most looked upon aspect of having electrical devices attached to your blazer is if it is comfortable or not, well, the Distressed  Jackets have lined the inside of this article with viscose so the wearer does not go through any sort of irritation due to the lights or the studs. There are two pockets on the waist with flap covers whereas the rest of the jacket is kept simple and plain. The Y2J Jacket which is at the Distressed  Jackets has endured stitchery with a definitive back panel that structures the jacket while the front exposes the stitch lines adjacent to the zipper as well. The other tailoring details can be obtained with a closer look at this article.


The fact that leather jackets are an evergreen investment people want to buy as many as they want but leather costs more than usual fabrics which also becomes a sort of restriction for masses to invest into leather and especially when it is a celebrity inspired article however the Distressed  Jackets have a number of Real Leather Jacket for Men and women being sold at very affordable prices just like the Y2J Jacket. Now, this also puts the shopper in doubt whether the quality of the leather is worth buying or not since it is costing pretty economical compared to other brands? For this query, we have researched so that you do not have to. The Distressed  Jackets have the best quality of leather together with flawless stitchery but at a modest price. Not only the price range but many other elements of this store are worth buying like its style range which includes vintage as well as trendy and chic designs moreover it has a large spectrum when it comes to sizes. The shop offers XXS to XXS and everything in between. The customers have the leverage to get their personalized designs prepared at the Distressed Jackets too which only increases the reasons to purchase from this store. Other than sizes, designs, and leather quality one more thing that convinced us like others to buy from here is its celebrity-inspired collection. Regardless of if it’s a trench coat or a high-waist blazer, a motorcycle jacket, or a long fur coat, this store has everything made of leather worn by famous celebs. From Kendall Jenner’s designer snake leather fur coats to Selena Gomez’s oversized bomber jackets, the Famous Jackets is known to have it all but the plus point that the prices here are comparatively cheaper than other stores however the quality is the best always. This along with all the other reasons make this store worth buying from and worth mentioning for you.


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