Things That Are Destroying Your Roof

If you’re like most people, your roof is the last thing on your mind as summer approaches. You don’t realize that it’s aging and needs to be fixed with a new coat of shingles or other materials. But there are five causes for deterioration up on roofs right now – some more noticeable than others! Check out these common reasons why Framingham homeowners need their homes’ roofs to be repaired so they can keep them protected from water damage:

Things That Are Destroying Your Roof: Answers From a Framingham Roofing Company 

Your roof is a big investment, so you must understand the different types of damage. Your best bet for protecting your home from any weather conditions? Shingles!

  • Rain, snow, and ice 
  • Wind 
  • Sun 
  • Lichen and moss 
  • Overgrown trees 

If you have any of these issues, you could be on the fast track to a residential roofing replacement. 

Storm, Snow, and Ice Dams

Your roof’s worst enemy is moisture, but unfortunately, it’s even in the air here. When moisture seeps into your roof, it can damage your home’s structure and lead to damages such as mold or ice dams that could cause water leaks inside of your house. If you notice a leak coming from under the ceiling while indoors call Framingham Roofing Construction today for some help!


The wind is so powerful and forceful here that roof damage can be catastrophic. It’s common knowledge that the edges of your roof are most vulnerable, but it has been found out recently by meteorologists that all areas on roofs can take a hit from these fierce winds. This means you need to invest in some shingle protection for other parts of your home if not just the edge where water leaves its mark with ease!


Our Framingham roofing experts offer free roof inspections to protect your home from sun damage and keep it looking shiny. This includes checking for any problems with the shingle or other components of your rooftop, as well as identifying solutions that may help you out in a pinch. If you think the state of this important part of our homes is not what it used to be, then don’t wait—call us today!

Lichen and Moss 

Lichen is an interesting plant that creates a crusty-looking growth on your roof. Moss looks softer, but it’s still another type of growing plant and can grow where you don’t want if not removed. If either lichen or moss covers the surface of your home’s roof, then they could cause wood rot which would be detrimental to its structure in time; make sure these are maintained by removing them when necessary!

Overgrown Trees   

When tree branches overhang your roof, the weight of these limbs can cause damage even if they don’t fall on it. Sometimes this second-hand debris builds up and traps moisture to create perfect conditions for mold growth or punctures through shingles causing a direct pathway for water penetration into your home’s structure.

Where can I find a reliable roofing contractor in Framingham, MA?

Regular roof maintenance and roof inspections will go a long way towards improving the longevity of your flat roof. The above information will help you protect that investment by avoiding costly repairs or roof replacement in the future! 

Choose the right contractor like Framingham Roofing contractor in Framingham, we will be able to install or replace your roof for your home. Once we have provided you with a residential and commercial roofing repair and replacement in Framingham, you can trust us to assist you with all the repaired and replaced services you need throughout the years and seasons. Give us a call at 508-544-0877 or visit our website https://www.roofingframinghamma.com/ online today for a free roofing estimate of both cost and time to learn all about how we can help you build a quality roof for your home.


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