Things that You Shouldn’t Store in a Storage Unit

Lucky are those who have additional space in their home that can be used as a storage unit. Otherwise, many people have to get a storage facility for their belongings. And this can burn a hole in their pockets.
However, having a storage unit doesn’t mean that you should place any and everything that you do not desire to use in that area. Always be mindful of what you’re placing there. As it is a part of your home, it’s important to keep it clean and tidy. And if you’re throwing piles of junk there, it will be far from being a neat and clean place.
On this note, let’s take a look at some items that you shouldn’t keep in a storage unit:

Precious Items Such as Currency Notes or Gold

It goes without saying that banks make for the obvious choice if you want to keep your currency with utmost safety. Or you can use a safety deposit box for this purpose. However, keeping them in a Storage in Scunthorpe unit isn’t a safe choice. Firstly, there’s no surveillance. And you can guard that particular room 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other than that, currency notes can go bad if left open in the unit. You may find holes in them made by mice and other pests.

Explosive and Flammable Items

These items are prone to risk. They can even set your home on fire. This is due to the warm climate of the storage unit. So, do not keep motor oil, fireworks, batteries and other corrosive items in the storage unit. The same goes for biological waste.

Electronic Items

Electronic items, too, are sensitive to hot weather. Therefore, they also do not make for a suitable choice for storage units. Humidity in the storage unit can cause damages to them. If these items do not work, it’s better to dispose of them instead of keeping them in the storage unit. For this purpose, you can hire the best storage unit cleanout Vallejo CA Services.
In case the electronic items are in perfect working condition, and there’s no option but to place them in the storage unit, make sure the unit is climate controlled. It will prevent them from becoming damaged.

Perishable Items

A storage unit in a home is more suitable for items that you do not intend to use frequently. So, perishable products, such as meat, fruits, dairy items, vegetables, shouldn’t be stored here. The reason is quite obvious – they would go bad in quick time as storage units tend to be warmer because it is closed for the most part. Furthermore, it can attract pests as well. And pest infestation isn’t a situation you would like to deal with.
If you really need to store them, keeping them in the refrigerator is the best option. Other than that, you can get them canned. Always remember that canned food can be stored in a storage unit for a long time. Moreover, dry food products, when stored in air-tight glass containers, can also be stored. Still, it’s advised to keep checking them for their expiry date and pests.


Do NOT keep plants in storage units. They will die there because of a lack of nourishment, oxygen and sunlight. Even if they are low maintenance, they still need basic stuff. Similarly, pet animals are also not recommended to be kept in a storage unit. Again, the reason is the same.
As stated above, a storage unit is for keeping items that you don’t need for immediate use. Such areas in a home are frequently used. Therefore, living beings never make a suitable choice to be kept in a storage unit.

Strong Scents and Perfumes

If you do not want a perfume, give it to someone or dispose of it. There’s no use keeping it in your storage unit. Also, strong scents tend to overwhelm the air. This can cause items placed nearby to reek. Other than that, pests and insects also get attracted to perfume. This is why it is recommended to keep your storage unit free from any sort of scent.

Firearms and Weapons

Lastly, you should keep firearms and weapons away from your storage unit. Even if they are licensed, they shouldn’t be placed there. Consider placing them in a more secure place where they are away from anyone’s access.
Always remember to keep the storage unit clean regularly. Do not let piles of junk accumulate there. For this purpose, consider hiring the best junk removal services in Vallejo, CA by 3 Kings Hauling and More. They can take away the unwanted stuff from your storage area and dispose of it in an effective, and most importantly, legal way.


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