Things to Consider When Buying Photo Frames Online

Nothing compares to a stunning work of art or a priceless image. However, caring for and presenting these valuable memories can be challenging. The correct photo frame can preserve and protect its specific content, ensuring that your photographs or artwork receive the treatment they deserve.

However, purchasing photo frames online can be tricky with so many alternatives. This guideline will lead you through the several factors to consider when purchasing a photo frame, ensuring that you get the right fit for your photographs and artworks at a reasonable price.

What do you intend to frame?

This basic query is frequently the most significant spot to begin your journey. Are you framing a priceless or rare item? If this is the case, it is critical to select a high-quality frame that would help to protect the artwork or photograph for many years to come. For less precious items (that you can reduce the size, such as low-cost photographic prints), affordable store-bought frames can serve as a workaround. Still, it is worth investing in a high-quality bespoke frame if framing something with real or sentimental value.

The thickness of the material you are framing is another factor to consider. Is it a flat piece of art or something bulkier like a sports jersey or a canvas framing? A canvas floater frame or shadow box frame that suits the proportions of your material is generally a better fit for bulkier materials.

Which frame style is suitable for your photo?

It is critical to select a frame that will present your design that complements both the image and the space. Keep an eye out for the colours and details. Consider the colours in the artwork and select a frame that matches or emphasises the visual.

Wood or aluminium will make up the majority of high-quality frames. Wooden frames have a more classic look and give your work an attractive touch. On the other hand, solid wood frames may be pretty heavy, so keep in mind that your wall and hooks can support them if you choose to buy this kind of photo frame online.

The majority of metal frames are composed of aluminium. It enables them to be sturdy and light and gives them a more contemporary and minimalistic appearance. Moreover, metal and wooden frames are available in various styles and colours, making it simple to choose the perfect look.

Which is better for a cover: is it acrylic or glass?

The glazing is the part of the frame that “covers” your artwork or photograph while still allowing you to view what is inside. Choosing the correct medium for your artwork to be protected and displayed for years to come is critical.

Manufacturers usually use glass or acrylic for covers, and the more typical alternative is glass. It has an excellent clear surface and preserves your artwork effectively, but it is prone to cracking; therefore, it must be handled and shipped cautiously.

On the other hand, acrylic resembles glass but is lighter, more robust, and less likely to shatter.

Which type of backing is the best?

Although the backdrop of your framed art or portrait is usually unnoticeable, it is still a crucial component of the framing process.

  • Board made of foam
  • Cardboard

The finest and most often used type of frame back support is foam board. It is popular since it is light and simple to trim and modify to fit almost any frame size. In addition, acid-free foam boards are also available, which is vital for corrosion control in your material.

Although cardboard is lightweight and robust, some varieties of cardboard are acidic. So, if you are framing a valuable piece of art or a precious photograph, you should avoid using framing with a cardboard back entirely.


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