Things to Consider When Purchasing a Maize Milling Machine

Are you looking for the best specifications of a milling machine to make your maize flour and wheat flour? Read through the article to get more information about the machines. Knowing about a product before you purchase is the most important thing. This will help you avoid going back to the shop for the same product.

Maize is considered the staple food for Kenya. This is because many farmers grow maize in the country. The milling machines help in grinding the maize to make flour which is in turn used to make ugali. When looking for such a machine, it is advisable to look for a machine that is quality and suits your needs. The factors to consider while purchasing one include;

The texture of the flour needed

There are different textures for maize flour and this depends on the type of machine that you have. There are smooth and coarse textures for flour. A machine that can be adjusted to produce both textures when desired is crucial. It may be a little bit cottier but the outcome is the best.

Power source

These machines use different sources of power. For example, they can use either diesel, electricity, or water. Most of the machines come with either a diesel engine or an electric motor. The price of the posho mills may depend on the power source available. It is advisable to purchase the one that suits your needs.


There are different kinds of grains and this will affect the choice of machine that you will purchase. Most machines do not grind watery or oily grains. You should first check your grain type before settling for a machine. There is always a list of grains that is attached to the machine which shows the type of grains that will be convenient to use.


The size of the room where you will keep the machine is an important factor to consider when purchasing one. A small room will mean you go for a small but heavy machine. In case you will use the machine for commercial purposes, you will need a big machine.

Heat production

Different machines produce different heat during grinding. It is efficient for one to purchase a machine that emits less heat to avoid overheating hence breaking down of the machine. A machine with a cooling system is vital in reducing the consumption of electricity.

Speed of the machine

The quality of the flour produced is determined by the speed of the machine during the milling process. Each machine has its speed and it is upon you to decide the type of machine speed you need depending on the purpose and your grain type.


When purchasing any machine be it roller mill or posho mill, prior research is important. This will help you purchase the best quality and a machine that suits your needs well. Acquiring a durable machine is vital since the machine will serve you for a long time and reduce costs as well.


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