Things to keep in mind when purchasing organic food from NZ stores

Organic food has grown in popularity, and its consumption has also registered an upward trend worldwide. New Zealand is no exception to this, and the demand for organic dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc., has gone up. Here, we will understand organic food and provide you with some guidelines that you should keep in mind whenever you are out buying organic food.

What is organic food?

Organic food can be defined as food grown in a way that does not include artificial fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides. Everything is done naturally. In the case of organic dairy farming use of some veterinary medicines, additives may be allowed. However, the use of genetically modified seeds and irradiation is not allowed at all.
We will now highlight some important things that you should keep in mind while purchasing organic food.

Look for authentic certifications:

Do not be fooled by innocuous labels that proclaim a food as organic. Find out if the food has been certified by the food department and other government agencies as genuinely organic food or not.


Organic food is generally costlier than food grown using artificial methods, and that is understandable. But sometimes, the organic food companies tend to overcharge and fleece the customers. Be a discerning buyer and compare different available products and then make a decision.

The ratio of organic food:

Sometimes packaged organic food is mixed with non-organic food and still sold as organic. It is not against the law as long as the percentage of organic food is mentioned on the package. Look for any such ratio and buy the one that has the highest percentage of organic food.

Buy from farmers’ market:

Farmers’ market is a regular event now in most parts of the country. Find out about the farmers’ market nearest to your city or town and hunt for organic food there. You will find excellent quality, freshness, low price, and authentic organic products from there.

Explore your options:

Organic stores have grown in size and stature. They now have different types, grades, and a variety of organic food available with them. It would help if you explored everything that they have on offer there. Ask questions from the store management wherever you want some clarification to make an informed and better decision.

Bulk purchase:

Sometimes buying in bulk can fetch you a better bargain. If it is feasible for you, then you may buy in large quantity. You can purchase in bulk and then distribute among your friends, neighbors, and family if they are interested in consuming organic food too.

Generic organic brands:

Local organic food brands available at your nearest grocery store or supermarket will be cheaper than big brands owned by corporations. They are more or less of the same quality and nutritional value; brands charge a higher price for their name. You may explore this option as well.

Online shopping:

Sometimes you may find a better-priced and high-quality organic food product online. The seller may be a small farmer unable to bring his produce to the local market, or he may be someone doing it as a side hustle or pastime. Yet, its quality is nothing less than other popular brands—Hunt for such sellers online.

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