Things You Can Do About Missing Teeth






You aren’t the only person who has missing teeth as numerous people are experiencing similar dental problems due to varied reasons. Missing teeth influences many major dental problems like being unable to chew or bite food and may cause more damage to the remaining teeth. Moreover, people lose confidence, feel shy to laugh or hesitate to talk freely. All these problems can be rectified if you get treated by a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry.

There is dentist near Los Angeles ready to assist in replacing your missing teeth with artificial ones that look and function exactly like natural teeth. You can consult the expert dental team of New Image Dental present in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, due to injury, teeth decay or old age loss of teeth is experienced by millions of people. The only positive solution is to visit a dentist for dental implantation. You can enjoy the benefits of dentures, dental bridges and dental implants that return back your confidence, smile and ability to chew food easily.

Some of the other causes leading to loss of teeth:

  • Genetics: The formation of secondary teeth never happens after the loss of milk teeth. It can be missing of few numbers of teeth or the full set of teeth.
  • Gum health issues: The disease of gum creates a gap between the gum and the teeth. It results in residing of harmful bacteria as food particles stuck in the gap. The tooth starts decaying and even the tissues present near the teeth are infected. Eventually, the tooth loses out.
  • Poor nutrition: This leads to abnormal formation of teeth as there is a lack of nutritious elements like calcium that strengthens the tooth. In a few years, the affected tooth breaks or loosens.
  • Diabetic patient’s oral health is adversely affected thus they start losing teeth.

Here are the things to do when you miss teeth:

  • Dental implants: They are customized permanent teeth that blend well with the original one. This is a quite advantageous solution to replace the missing teeth. It is a multistep procedure thus needs many sittings in the dentist clinic, however fully worth the efforts.
  • Dentures: They are false teeth that can be taken out when not required or at night when you sleep. There are two types of dentures like a partial denture and a complete denture. In partial denture, some missing teeth are replaced while in complete denture the whole set of teeth is in a row.
  • Dental bridges as the term indicates hold together the implanted or original teeth together. It is a bracket that is cemented to the structure of the artificial or natural teeth. It prevents the loosening of teeth from its nearby tissues.

The procedure varies as per the medical history of the patient and the strength of their jaw to hold the dental implants. The dental implanted teeth or the brackets need special care. You need to maintain your dental hygiene as instructed by your dentist. A regular dental check-up surely to help keep healthy teeth to prevent tooth loss.

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