Things you should consider before getting pregnant


Pregnancy is an important milestone. Not only is the journey a difficult one in terms of the physical demands on the body, but it’s a big responsibility unto itself. When you are bringing a new person into the world, there is a lot at stake.

Fortunately, you can prepare yourself, your body and your environment before bringing a person into the world. There is no CTRL-Z button in life that can undo your acts. Even one tiny wrong step may even have significant impact on your baby. 

Therefore, it is important to deliberate carefully before deciding to have a baby. Talk to people with babies, experts like Gynecologist in Lahore, confer with your partner, before embarking on the journey of parenthood. 

Things to consider:

It is important to not make the decision to have a baby in duress. Mull over the matter, as there is literally no going back. Some things to consider before deciding to have a baby include:


Healthy mothers have healthy babies. Therefore, before trying to have a baby, make sure your health is in correct condition. Any problems with previous pregnancy, any ailments, medications, vaccination, health complications should be disclosed to your doctor, who can then make an adequate action plan for you. 

It is pertinent that you are not currently suffering from any disease like STDs that affect baby’s health, causing permanent damage in some cases as well. 


Your lifestyle is another thing you should be mindful of. Having a baby is you committing, rather, dedicating decades of your life for the wellbeing of the baby. Therefore, make sure that you ready for that change. 

If you are currently indulging excessively in drugs, alcohol etc., and are not ready to bid adieu to your partying days, you should think long and hard before having a baby. Not only lapses during pregnancy can cause development issues in the baby, but it’s a gross injustice to them if they cannot be given a nurturing environment. 

Similarly, smoking also has to go. Even passive smoking, or secondhand smoking, can affect the health of the mother and the baby. Therefore, start the process of quitting drugs, cigarettes and alcohol before even thinking about the baby.

 Quitting cold turkey can cause severe withdrawal symptoms and can even shock your body. So, plan properly and carefully before getting pregnant.


Before you consider getting pregnant, check if your weight is optimal. It can seem counter intuitive, considering the pregnancy pounds, but being obese or overweight increases the risk of difficulty conceiving. Overweight women also have a tougher and more complicated pregnancy and labor.

Being too thin also causes conceiving problems, as underweight women have a higher risk of haywire hormones. They are also more likely to have nutrient deficiency.

 Therefore, make sure your weight is optimal. 

Prenatal supplements

Even before getting pregnant, women need to be cautious about their diet. Women of childbearing age, or those thinking of getting pregnant should start on increasing their folic acid intake. Deficiency of folic acid can result in development difficulties and disabilities in the babies. 

Similarly, they should start looking into iron supplements if their iron levels are borderline or less than ideal. Good multivitamin tablet generally has all such vital micronutrients. 


Talking about money may seem crass, but it is an important determinant in trying to have a baby. From the prenatal vitamins, to during pregnancy visits to the doctor, to the labor expense, to diapers, school, college and weddings, having a baby is expensive. 

Thus, make sure that you have sufficient money, and prepare yourself mentally to the perpetual debiting from the bank account. 

Genetic Counseling 

Genetic counselling is not any sort of intervention, but a mere cautionary step to realize if the baby might be at risk for certain types of disease. Parents can accordingly decide to have, or not have a baby. In case they opt for the former, genetic screening also helps parents be mentally prepared for any genetic disorder. 


The onus is on the parents to realize and create a safe environment for the baby that they willingly brought into the world. 

The physical place where you live should not be a safety hazard for the baby. There should be sufficient room for the baby paraphernalia in the space.

 Moreover, women who are subject to domestic violence need to get help, no matter how hard and daunting it might be. 

Violence during pregnancy might harm the baby. It may also jeopardize the wellbeing of the baby in the future as well. Therefore, call security helplines, seek assistance and counseling, but step out of the toxic relationship, for your sake as well. 


Drugs get passed to the bloodstream, and then get gradually delivered to the fetus as well. Certain medicines are harmful for the baby but might be necessary for the mother. However, they can lead to birth defects. 

Over the counter, prescription, herbal drugs and supplements, any and either can cause to the baby. Thus, confer with your Gynecologist in Karachi about how to address this problem, as quitting medication suddenly can also have implications for your health.  


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