This is more than a phone; it’s luxury

Even the most brilliant phone in the market has a built quality that nowhere seems luxurious. Yes, you buy phones for technology but have you ever thought about luxury? The most expensive phones today are not the ones with the latest technology but the ones that offer luxury. Yes, vertu phone prices, its features, and its built are a testament to what true luxury feels like when it’s mixed with technology. So, what are these features that make a phone luxurious? Let’s explore. 

1. Diamond studded 

Oh! Yes, diamond-studded vertu phone price might baffle you but that’s what the truth is. When it comes to luxury, a folding phone or dual display in a phone cannot beat diamonds. Not many can think about diamonds when they talk about smartphones. But, diamond-studded smartphones are as real as folding phones. Yes, you have got to pay a premium price for a luxury like this. But, you can look at it as an investment as well. After all, everyone can get their hands on the latest smartphone from a top-tier brand. But, when it comes to diamond-studded stock phones, there are only a few that’s found in the market. Isn’t it something to think about? 

2. Leather body 

When there can be a leather bag that costs a bombshell then why not a leather mobile phone body. That’s what luxury is all about, ya? Nothing feels more premium in your hand than leather. Its texture denotes power and confidence. In a truly luxury phone, you will find that the body is made from leather material. Helping you with an extraordinary experience every time you pull out your phone to speak to someone. 

3. Balanced Technology 

Where a lot of brands fail when helping their customers with a luxurious experience of using a mobile phone is while they go big luxury and add diamonds and gold, the technology used is very basic. Not anyone, brands are coming up with phones that are not just luxurious but also technologically balanced. From offering an AMOLED display to 128GB of storage and a battery life of more than a day, these phones are perfect from every angle. After all yes, you want to have a luxurious phone by your side but what’s the use when it can’t compete with the technology of the other phones. Making luxury phones usable has been a challenge for many brands which has been addressed and solved. 

It all boils down to one thing — what kind of phone do you want? One that offers technology and seems premium but can be found on everyone or the other that is not so common but offers an epitome of luxury and sophistication. If you know what kind of phone you want between the two, the job is almost done. You just have to choose. If it’s luxury you can look at vertu phone price and features to know what a technologically balanced and luxurious phone it is to have. 


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