Three Important Things You Need to Know about the Chinese Painting

Chinese painting has a long history that goes back to thousands of years. However, this

painting style and techniques have come a long way and have fascinated art lovers


However, certain aspects of Chinese art have remained the same throughout history. For

example, the characteristics of birds, flowers, and landscapes are perpetually found in

traditional Chinese paintings. In addition, unlike the western painting styles that use

acrylics, Chinese painting involves more extended usage of water-based colors.

Also, Chinese art is more abstract in nature, usually related to natural landscapes, and

highlights the importance of white spaces in the overall drawing.

If you are an art connoisseur or an art lover, this article will tell you three important things

about real Chinese paintings.

1) Chinese Ink and Brush Painting

Chinese traditions had a significant influence on Chinese ink and brush paintings. Such

methods of paintings were developed in the period of Tang Dynasty art (618-907) by the

great Chinese artist Wang Wei. These paintings were created using pure ink and

involved tools similar to those used in classic Chinese calligraphy.

Chinese artists used to grind their ink using traditional ink sticks made with charcoal ash

and glue made from fish bones. These paintings are renowned for their tonality of black,

white, and grey colors and their description of natural landscapes and figures.

2) Mountain-and-Water Paintings

If you observe Chinese paintings from prominent Chinese art collectors such as John

Dodelande , you will find that mountains and water have a major role in traditional

Chinese paintings.

The west might have been more active towards finding the unfamiliar and secrets of

nature. Chinese art, on the other hand, is known for appreciating the familiar natural


Moreover, Chinese geography and landscape also lead to this inclusion of waterfalls and

landscapes in Chinese paintings. That’s why you will find lots of mountain peaks, huge

waterfalls, and distant streams in the Chinese paintings.

3) Chinese Roll Paintings

Chinese roll paintings have a long story and are a new concept for western modernized

painting lovers.

In this form of painting, artists used to start painting at one end of a silk orchestra and

continue drawing till the other end. After that, these drawings were saved as a roll, and

hence, they got the name of ‘roll paintings’.

In these paintings, artists drew a fluent design and made the drawing appear moving

forward in a distinct pattern. Hence, you will find a pictorial movement in such roll