Timeless Balayage Styles You Can Floss with Any Time

Dark Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Balayage is a classic hairstyle that apart from actresses, people are embracing widely. The hair color is stunning, and there are several colors that can be used to make it more stunning. But, a dark balayage is sure to give you a chic look that people admire.

Balayage requires the input of a professional to give you a great look. It is a more rigorous process than that of regular hair dying. There are so many colors you can try to achieve that adorable look. Let’s some of them:

1. Honey shade on Espresso Brown tresses

It is a combination of two rich and warm colors. The hues of golden honey keep your hair shining and with a rich dimension. The espresso brown bends well with the honey-like hue to create a beautiful finish. The hairstyle lasts long and has low upkeep needs.

2. Rich Brown Balayage for Natural Curls

Who said that balayage hairstyles are only meant for straight and wavy hair types? Use a rich brown balayage to give your natural curls a sun-kissed finish. According to LoveHairStyles, you can keep your hairstyle looking fresh by using a hydrating mask or post-color treatment.

3. Mahogany Balayage

This awesome hairstyle is ideal for wearing on women of all complexions. It does not require complex maintenance so that anyone that wears it can enjoy looking great without trying too much. It is a great look that is neither too bold nor too dull to rock.

4. Bronzed Balayage

This is a balayage that onlookers will never get enough of. Wear it and see the type of attention you will get. It brightens you up with the richness of copper and leaves your hair looking rich. Show off this balayage by adding some waves to give it a metallic glow.

5. Platinum Balayage Highlights on Dark Tresses

It is not ideal for all skin complexions but looks incredible on the cooler ones. The trendy balayage can be worn at any time of the year and still look stunning on the wearer. The right shade of the dark tresses helps in highlighting your best features.

6. Ash Blonde Highlights Balayage Dark Hair

If you have black hair, this style is what you need for a total transformation. It is best rocked on virgin hair where some strands are colored blonde to create this ashy dimensional look. It is a combination of hair shades that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

7. Light Brown Balayage Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

It is a blend of milk chocolate and butterscotch to create a stunning balayage. It is especially striking when worn on long waves. The light brown color is created from the mid-length of the hair. The balayage is low maintenance and can last for many months.

8. Rich Burgundy and Dark Chocolate Balayage hairstyle

Are you looking for a hue idea to rock on your short hair? Well, rock this balayage if you have short hair with layered waves. It involves blending a cool brunette and a deep warm red to create a beautiful finish. This is a great hair color idea if you want to stand out from the rest.

9. Copper Highlights Balayage on Dark Hair

It is mostly worn on straight hair, but that does not mean it can’t be worn on wavy hair. The balayage is used in lighting dark hair using copper. It creates a warm tone with added shine. This is particularly an easy haircut to maintain.

10. Sun-Kissed Balayage with Dark Ash Brown and Golden Tones

If your mane has a dark brown base, gold can turn it into an adorable masterpiece that is not only stunning but unique. A few touches with beachy waves give it a perfect combination to your brunette hair. The waves also make your hair fuller. However, for a perfect look, make sure you look for someone who can do it right for you.

11. Black to Silver Balayage Ombre

This balayage has a high-contrast color melt. It keeps head-turning to the wearer and looks great on natural hair. Waves are layered on a V-shape and metallic silver undertones are used from half-length of the hair to create a brilliant look.


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