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Curtains are an essential interior designing accessory. Perfectly blending window dressing adds value to your home decor. But this can only be possible if your curtains are properly hung. Giving a perfect look to your window and enhancing the visual appeal of your space. 

Hanging curtains can be a DIY project if you have an idea about easy techniques or some easy tips to install curtains. But if this is not the case then stop, don’t ever go for it. Installing curtains is easy, but this process contains some steps that need professional experience or keen insights to significantly install curtains. 

This article will lead you to simple and easy steps that you can follow to install curtains Dubai. But before we move ahead with the process, we must know about the basic tool to install curtains.

Tools For Hanging Curtains:

  • Curtains
  • Curtain rod and hardware
  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Safety glasses
  • Stud finder
  • Wall anchors (if needed)
  • Iron

Now that we know what things are needed to install curtains now we can move on to start the process of hanging curtains. Only go through each step to ensure perfect curtain installation

Step To Install Curtains

Curtain installation is an interesting process if you enjoy every step and pay complete attention to it. I’ll give simple tricks and tips to install curtains. Let’s start!

  • Start With Taking Measurements Of Your Window

Measuring your window means knowing the proper estimates for installing curtain rods. The curtain rod is a metal rod that is used to hold curtains Dubai fabric and form its complete shape. 

This is the most critical step to take because any incorrect measurement can destroy the overall look of your windows.  

You should be very attentive to take measurements. 

Window measurements include correctly estimated window width for the accurate length of curtains rod. In the final window, estimation adds 8-12 inches and sets up the length for the rod. 

  • Install Curtains Rod Brackets

After the measurements are done you are supposed to install curtain rod brackets. These brackets for the rod are metallic holders to tightly grip the rod and ensure the installation of solid and secure curtains. The simple tips to install curtains rod brackets are that you must know the length of curtains. First, make it clear that you want to install Luxury Dubai curtains on the window or above the windows and it also depends on the size of your windows. Further, you should configure whether you want to keep the curtains above the floor or just let your draperies float over it. 

After all this preparation, now you get up to mark the perfect place for installing rod brackets. If you want to install a curtain above the window, then mark the bracket almost 4-6 inches above the window and 6-8 inches aside. 

  • Drill Holes For Curtain Rod Brackets

For perfect installation of rod brackets, you must drill holes for screws on the perfectly marked area. After you have finished drilling holes you must opt for fixing the brackets.


 In the course of fixing brackets make sure to tightly screw them. The perfect fix will make you tension-free from curtain rod instability. 

These brackets will hold the rods tightly and ensure the perfect look of curtains. 

  • Remove Rod Finials & Put Curtains In The Rods

After the process is done, now you have to put curtains in the rod. No matter which style of curtains you are installing. All traditional or latest designs of curtains come with specific hooks or eyelet holes that are attached with a rod to hang the curtains. So, put the curtains in the rod & place the rod over the brackets. Make sure to place properly with definite estimation. 

Keep the proper distance from both sides. 

  • Add Curtain Accessories For Perfect Look

Now that the installation process is done. First, attach the curtain rod finial back to it. These finally give a finishing look to the curtains and rod. Apart from these, there are other curtain accessories used to make your curtains aesthetically appealing like curtain holders. This is one of the most important tips to install curtains. 

With the modern trends, there are different types of curtain holders that are perfectly matched with the fabric and style of curtains. The choice depends on you, whether you want to add a metallic, simple, or royal curtains holder. It’ll give an outstandingly appealing look to your windows and also keeps the curtains clean and maintained. 

Final Words!

Hanging curtains is an incredibly easy and enjoyable task to do. With just a bit of attention and a sense of styling, you can perfectly install your curtains easily. If you have read the steps carefully & checked the tips to install curtains, you may have been able to install curtains by yourself. 

You can opt for professional curtains Dubai installation in order to fix any kind of damage to your windows. Whatever you do, the decision must be yours and in the end, you just have a perfect looking elegant and sophisticated outlook of your windows. 

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