Tips and Tricks of Honor Smart band 5 to Maximize Yourself

Honor Smart band 5 is the latest update in Honor’s fitness monitors. It comes with an original AMOLED color display and supports, among other things, additional clock displays and continuous heart rate monitoring. More importantly, it falls into an affordable segment and doesn’t leave a gap in your pocket

Get around

Because of our sedentary lifestyle, we move less than usual. And we all know the negative effects of physical activity. time to welcome you to Ribbon Reminder Activity 5. As the name suggests, you’ll be reminded of this if you’ve been silent for more than an hour.

Push-button notifications

These days, fitness trackers continue past your fitness level. In addition to recording calorie and step counts, they also do the basic job of notifying you of incoming messages and calls.

But as we all know, turning on notifications for all apps on your mobile device can backfire.

To turn notifications on and off, open Settings and then select Notifications. Now all you have to do is toggle the app switch as you like

Change the watch face

Honor Smart band 5shows rich and vivid colors thanks to a full-color AMOLED screen. And a resolution of 240 x 120 means the colors blend beautifully and you won’t see every pixel if you don’t look closely.

So it makes sense to make the most of the digital clock face. Yes, you’ve read correctly. From dark to funky faces, everything is included.

To change the watch face, activate the bracelet and go to the Other option. Scroll down and tap Face. Now you can navigate through the faces by swiping up and tapping.

Or tap on the home screen and switch to the face screen.

Pro tip: You can see the weather, battery level, and Bluetooth connection by simply touching the home screen. To enable the weather, open Settings and toggle the weather report switch.

Use low brightness at night

You may already know that the Honor Smart band 5allows you to adjust the screen brightness. But did you know that you can also permanently decrease the screen brightness at night?

Otherwise, simply slide the path to More> Brightness and toggle the switch to Lower brightness at night.

Plan DND

Would you like to take a rest? Just schedule the DND time. The latter helps if you’re a good sleeper like me and the faintest phone ring wakes you.

To set the DND time, open Settings, tap the Do Not Disturb tab, and toggle the switch to Schedule.

Find your cellphone phone

Cellphone out of place? Why not let a fitness tracker find your phone? When activated, the paired mobile phone will ring with the adorable ringtone, “I’m here.”

To activate it, go to Other and swipe up until you see Search

Touch it and your mobile phone will ring almost instantly. The only thing to keep in mind is that the cell phone needs to be near the band.

Set intelligent alarm

Is a low hum on your wrist a good alarm? The Honor Smart band 5detects your sleep patterns and wakes you up when your sleep is easiest in the specified time interval.

For example, if you have a smart alarm set for 7 a.m., a 10-minute smart wake-up time wakes your watch when you are sleeping lightest between 6:50 a.m. and 7 a.m. In addition, you can choose to repeat it on weekdays or on certain working days.

However, if you prefer to have a fixed time, this option will be hidden in the event alarm.

Enable sleep tracking

Similar to Honor Band 4, Honor Band 5, Huawei TruSleep Feature Pack. As the name suggests, this will help you track and improve your sleeping habits. In addition, the screen on the bracelet is dimmed so that you can sleep better. through the previous band settings. All you have to do is swap the switch on Huawei | Sleep Tru.

Screen adjustment

By default, Honor Smart band 5has functions such as daily tracking, heart rate, training, AliPay, etc.

HONOR Band 5 Sport

HONOR Band 5 supports wrist and foot mode and integrates intelligent functions such as professional running mode and on-court sports monitoring. In addition, it helps you know your sleep status, achieve better running results and minimize the risk of injury

HONOR Band 5 Sport supports monitoring the following seven running form data: length, ground contact time, foot strike pattern, landing impact, eversion excursion, and rotation angle. In on-court sport mode, basic data (calories burned, distance, and step count) as well as sport-specific on-court data (jump height, number of jumps, average hang time, movement speed, and maximum sprint speed) are recorded. and countless different individual elements (movement, sprint, jump, acceleration, explosiveness). Last but not least, the Sport variant gets a huge improvement in battery capacity, supporting up to 2 weeks of typical use and 21 weeks of ultra-long standby.


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