Tips for Managing Your Stock and Inventory

Introducing new products into the business market requires significant product management and product quality testing. Businesses also need the right inventory management efforts to ensure they produce enough to consistently satisfy their customers. Having too little inventory or in excess can have different consequences to your product life cycle and business profitability in the long run. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the production function accurate and optimized at all times. However, many businesses underestimate their inventory function or find it hard to field the best decisions due to several reasons. If you’re one of such, here are some tips to help in managing your stock and inventory for effective results.

Section items according to product type or category.

Effective inventory management is a necessity for all businesses, whether you’re a novice in the game or a market leader. Generally, the first step in inventory management is for businesses to understand their unique production needs. You can premise your product lifecycle on historic product data or industry insights. That way, businesses can better understand the items they need, the exact quantities to fuel the workflow, and the right time to place these orders or manufacture them.

Segregating inventory into priority categories can be a great way to structure your needs. Several ways exist to categorize inventory into priority groups, including packaging. Many businesses have plenty of options when it comes to their packaging needs. For instance, if you manage a skincare business, you can use moisturizer packaging and other efforts to help you determine where products need to go. The information label on your skincare containers can help you identify categories faster.

Track product information and inventory activities.

Measuring real-time data is a great way to succeed with your inventory and stocktaking tasks and you can set up stock-keeping numbers (SKUs) to access product information at all times. By measuring data, you can easily handle market pressures like shortages and manage your accounting better by manually comparing product numbers to periodic sales records.

Additionally, many businesses rely on PLM software to manage stock as well as generate efficient data and insights. Such software will manage the entire sales process, which means you can easily track stock. Additionally, using this type of cloud solution limits human interference and allows for fewer errors.

It’s also worth mentioning that the inventory management software market keeps expanding with multiple options for businesses of all sizes. When choosing the right software, note that ease-of-use and analytics generation are critical factors that help determine the type of software to choose. Also, try to understand how they integrate with other sales systems like mobile scanners and point of sale (POS) systems.

Audit your inventory.

imgAuditing your inventory can help you mage inventory and stocks more effectively. Companies adhere to different global standards in auditing their inventory data including monthly, quarterly, or yearly sessions. Some companies may choose all these three options. What matters more is having an efficient system to match up your auditing efforts. Virtual systems that favor automation can make your auditing efforts easier and reduce the essence of constant revisions.

Analyze supplier performance.

Inventory management is a never-ending business process where one stage feeds into the other. So, you can bet your bottom dollar on the fact that ineffective suppliers can slow your entire organization irrespective of the technology you have. It’s essential to choose vendors with enough credibility in the global market.

All in all, inventory management can be daunting, especially for small businesses that may see all the due diligence as a waste of time. But getting your inventory and stocktaking right can be detrimental to your growth as a business.


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