Tips For Teaching Your Child to Ride a Bike

Teaching your kids how to ride a bike can be a nerve-wracking time. Particularly for those parents who are very protective. The experience can hopefully end with your child learning how to ride really well. It can also be that first moment that as a parent you start to let go, literally and figuratively. Therefore, these tips are going to include how to teach your kids to ride a bike.

Get Them Started On Balance Bikes Really Young

One of the best things that you can do to ease your child into riding a bike is to get them a balance bike for kids in their age group. Usually, these are bikes that have no pedals. Kids are going to be able to use them just after they’ve learned how to walk. The experience can make a child feel comfortable on a real bike from that first moment. If the child can feel comfortable in that pose, the whole process will be way more fluid.

Have Them Get Used To Wearing Gear

This is more of a tip for you as a parent to feel safer. Parents complain that kids don’t listen to them about wearing a helmet for example. Make sure that you get a kid’s bike helmet that actually fits them. From there, always take them out with all of their gear on, and just make that a habit. That way, later down the road, when they take their bikes out, and you’re not there, they’ll be typically more prone to put all of their gear on. Knowing that your kids are using their protective gear can certainly calm some of those nerves that you get as a parent.

Find That Perfect Spot

There’s no question that this is a basic need for a parent that is trying to teach a kid to ride a bike. If you don’t live on a particularly flat street without too much traffic, you need to find that spot. Parking lots can be great areas to learn how to ride a bike for example. It has to be more or less flat, and the no traffic rule is obviously super important. Naturally, you’re going to want to find a spot that is also close to home. That way, it won’t be too painstaking for you to make the trip if you don’t need to get in the car to get to the spot that’s ideal.

Ride Along With Them

A common mistake that parents make when trying to teach their kids to ride a bike is to not ride with them. If your child doesn’t see you on a bike, it can be harder for them to develop that love for the activity. You may need to polish up your skills before you do any teaching. Particularly if riding a bike is something that you really want to get your child into. Doing it together is the best way to promote that love for bikes.

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