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Homes, business premises, and cars need a wash and the new look that comes with it. A pressure washer will do the job. There are many pressure washers on the market. This article guides on how to choose a the best pressure washing machine.

In your home and on business premises, a washer saves effort, time, and money. It is not an exaggeration to say it is a necessity. Everyone – premises owners or customers – like business places to look clean. To achieve the objective, one cannot rely on manual cleaning, which involves plenty of labor, and the job results may not be good. Manual cleaning takes a lot of time too. And it can be stressful.

With the proliferation of large homes, cleaning challenges have become prevalent. But there is a solution – in the washer. The Kenyan market has different makes of the machine. Some of them are electrical, while others run on liquid fuel. The proper thing todo is go and choose one that is within budget.The following factors are what to consider when buying one.

Engine power

Washing pavements, hidden corners, and crevices, the washer must release strong streams of water. The engine power determines the pressure at which it pumps water. An engine with strong power will do the job well. The higher the engine power, the stronger the output.

The washers come with 2.2Kw output and more. If the budget allows, go for the highest capacity on the market. But expect to pay more.


It is prudent to know how much water the washer pumps in a given time. Volume varies with washer engine power. Washers with a pump capacity of 8.7 liters per minute can do a good cleaning job but go for better ones if the budget allows. Higher volumes give better outcomes.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is a factor many people consider. It is good to consider the pressure washing machine price in Kenya before deciding the machine to settle for. But when the washer is a gas guzzler, the buyer may think twice before making a purchase. Pricing may depend on the fuel consumption of the machine per hour. If the consumption seems high, there are washers with lower rates to buy.

The prices

The factors cited above will determine how to choose the pressure washing machine price in Kenya. Budgets define what one can buy. But it is also prudent a buyer does not compromise on quality. It is the quality that will determine the pressure washer price in Kenya.

The good news is that the market offers a suitable price range for the products.Buy a washer starting from Ksh 10,000. The price ladder moves up to Ksh 40,000. It seems to be a fair price bracket. Otherwise, wait for the annual sales time when prices could probably dip under Ksh 10,000. But that could be a long wait.


Buy good washers. There is a wide variety to pick from, and the prices seem to be pocket-friendly. Go for top quality if possible.

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