Tips on painting your wardrobe

After the bed, wardrobes seem to be the most dominant feature in the bedroom and take up a lot of space. For this reason, it is essential to have a wardrobe that fits in with the rest of your scheme or one that stands and makes a design statement for success. 

However, most people have closets that have not chosen whether they got them from their friends or came with the house. Therefore if you want to find a way to give it a new look, here are a few painting hacks you can use to show some love to your dresser.

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  1. Couple it with your woodwork

It is essential to couple up your wardrobe paint with its woodwork. You can choose to paint it pale blue to match the rest of the trims and woodwork in the bedroom. This is to ensure a uniform color in the bedroom. You can also choose to use a darker shed than the one on the walls as this can add a different element to the design hence making a nice transition from the standard white. Moreover, ensure you paint the wardrobe doors while open and closed to ensure you don’t miss any spots. 

  • Reboot built-in closets

Here, you can choose to paint the entire wall of the built-in closet with deep grey shades that can complement any other dark tones in the room. Chalk-style paint can sculpture on almost every surface and can be used on wardrobe doors with an artificial finish. To ensure you will be happy with the finished effect, experiment with the concealed area with a small tester pot of paint. 

  • Test with ombre

The ombre technique is best to use on a level wardrobe door without large handles and trims. Next, pick two or more tonal shades and also calibrate to the other. To best use this, you follow the online guides to help you on how you can best blur the sides for the desired look. 

  • Create a contrast

Do not be discouraged from using a deep shade, more so on a slimline chest. Creating a contrast will bring a different feel in the bedroom than when the rest of the furniture has been painted with a paler shade or white. For a smooth finish on your woodwork, you can consider using a small roller besides preparing the area and surface properly before painting. Moreover, remove any handles before you start painting to make your painting easy and more professional. 

  • Match the walls

If you want to achieve lots of paneling and molding, blend in with your built-in wardrobes, paint them with the same shade as the walls. If you have a small bedroom and want to stop the cupboard doors from being too meticulous and overwhelming, use this hack to achieve that. The neutral color makes the perfect choice in such a room because of its ability to create a tranquil feel. You can complete your room’s look with bed linen with a similar shade. 

  • Transform a free-standing piece

Sometimes you can have a wardrobe that you did not choose; maybe you inherited it or came with the house, you can take a plunge and modernize it with a bold hue. Paint it with a radiant finish, but you can also choose a paint that best suits you from the different types of colors available. If the wardrobe does not fit in the bedroom, you can repurpose it in the living rooms because closets are not confined to bedrooms. 

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  • Consider adding the pattern.

Do your wardrobe surfaces look blank? Then why can’t you choose to add some patterned colors or attractive features that increase room scheme touch? Adding patterns to your wardrobe is an ideal to put marks, letters, or stencils. You can apply your creativity and paint the cabinet with several colors to make something more attractive.

  • Paint only wardrobe doors

Painting doors of your wardrobe is a great idea that can bring a unique spot in patterning. It can be the best idea if you fear having a dominant color in the room. Here you can choose an intense color that will supplement beauty for your space. 

  • Use white paint to create a border.

If you want your wardrobe outlook to be lit, make the frames look different from other wardrobe parts. It won’t matter which color of your wardrobe is; just apply white paint around the edge or use ornamental handles.


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