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Every generation of students struggles with completing numerous written assignments they get at colleges and universities. They know that to write a good paper or essay, they need to possess decent writing, research, and analytical skills in addition to being familiar with all the structural and formatting standards. The specialists at any college essay writing service can lend their helping hand and provide their invaluable support by offering useful tips and pieces of advice on any aspect of the writing process. Here, we would like to provide some guidelines on the proper structure, in particular, on an essay introduction.

Essay Structure

To write a good paper, you need to know the principles of its structure. Any paper, even the simplest 300-word essay should contain at least three paragraphs: an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. The most typical types are 5-paragraph essays, which would require 3 body paragraphs. In any case, an introduction and a conclusion are the integral constituent parts that can never be neglected.

What Is an Introduction?

An essay normally starts with an introductory paragraph. This is the beginning of your paper and the first thing the reader will read. Understandably, the more interesting and informative your introduction is the higher are the chances that the piece will be read till the end. You should understand that the first paragraph creates the first impression about the entire work, which is extremely important. Thus, treat it with utmost care and responsibility.

Where to Start?

At first, you will most probably have a draft of an introduction with a working thesis. Do not try to make it perfect right from the start. In the process of research and writing the body paragraphs, you may have a lot of twists and turns that are likely to change the course of your paper. Thus, introduction will need some adjustments. Therefore, start with the main discussion and write your introductory paragraph at the end. is a free online article rewriting tool that will take your articles and change the words and sentences to make them more readable and enjoyable to read. The service is beneficial if you have a long article that needs to be shortened or expanded but aren’t sure how to go about it. The tool will analyze the original text and suggest ways to improve it. It will also highlight any mistakes or grammatical errors in your article.

The Purpose of an Introduction

We have already stated that the aim of an introductory paragraph is to create the first impression about the essay. Thus, an introduction fulfils several important purposes:

  • To grab the audience’s attention
  • To introduce the topic
  • To present your main point on the topic

As you can see, introduction is an essential part of your paper that determines the success of the entire work.

Main Elements of an Introduction

Considering the aims of an introductory paragraph, which are to attract the attention, introduce the topic, and present the main point, it should contain the following elements:

  • A hook
  • Background information
  • A thesis statement

Start the introduction with a hook to grab the readers’ attention. Ask a rhetorical question, share a little-known fact, present a quote of a famous person, or tell a surprising story that relates directly to the topic.

Provide the background information with a focus on the main question that you must answer. Avoid giving too many details; they will be discussed in the main body. Start with something more general, gradually narrowing it down to more specific issues that lead to the main argument you are going to defend.

Present your thesis statement. This must be the argument you make, which directly answers the question of the assignment and presents the main points that will be discussed in the paragraphs of the main body. Do not confuse a thesis statement with a purpose statement. It must not announce what you will talk about in the paper. In a thesis statement, you must STATE your point.

Stay Concise and Precise

Remember that your introduction must be short and very focused. Generally, it is only one paragraph long, which makes not more than about 10% of the entire paper. Again, it must contain only the most important information on the topic in general terms with no too much detail. Provide some brief context of the problem you are discussing and hint to its significance, leading to the main argument of the paper.

However, some longer and more complex assignments ( may require you to map out the structure of your essay. In such cases, you need to define the direction of the paper and signpost what is going to be covered in each section. Still, be concise and do not go in too much detail.

Final Tips

  • Do not include too many details into an introduction. Provide only the most important background information necessary to introduce the topic.
  • Do not move away from the main topic of discussion. Stick to the point and avoid all kinds of excesses.
  • Keep it short and very focused.
  • Get to your point as soon as possible.
  • Do not make any announcements as for the paper content.
  • It is really better to write an introduction after the paper is finalized. If you write it at the beginning, you can get carried away with a flow of ideas and make it too long and full of excessive details.

Introduction is a very important constituent of any paper or essay. It introduces the topic and creates the first impression about the entire writing. Thus, you need to treat it with utmost attention and make sure that this short paragraph fulfils its three main purposes and ignites the reader’s desire to read the paper to the end.

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