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Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry plays a very important role in the interior. Cabinets can make the kitchen comfortable and functional. But the wrong option will destroy the style and cause inconvenience. A few simple tips will help you make the right choice.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets in Charlotte come in a variety of types, appearances, and locations. There are two main types of kitchen cabinets: wall and base models.

Wall models are located in the top row of the kitchen set. Their key purpose is to store utensils and food for cooking. Wall storage systems are characterized by compact sizes and relatively low weight.

The main structural elements of the wall module are the frame, internal filling, and facade. Based on the design features, wall cabinetry are divided into closed, open, and combined.

Products of the first type are standard models with doors and shelves. In open systems, there is no front part, so modules are often used to store decorative items and spice jars. Combined models match elements of open and closed cabinets.

Above the sink, as a rule, there is a cabinet with a dryer. In this module, there is a rack for drying cups, plates, and a tray for collecting running water.

Floor modules are one or two-door cabinets installed on the floor under the tabletop. Floor-standing models are much more massive and more spacious than the upper modules.

The lower row cabinets are used to store massive household items (pots, pots, pans) and built-in appliances. A kitchen worktop is installed on the floor modules.

In addition to standard cabinetry equipped with shelves and drawers, a cabinet under the sink is installed in the lower row of the kitchen unit. It is used to hide utilities (sewerage, water supply pipelines, filters for water purification), storage containers for garbage collection. Structurally, the sink cabinet is a hollow module without a back wall.

The Main Factors to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

If you decide to make a kitchen or bathroom renovation first you need to think about a style and budget. After that, you can start choosing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, taking into account their utility and functionality.

Here are a few important factors to consider before making a purchase:

  • When choosing cabinetry, first of all, one should be guided by To know more about Le Creuset Size Chart and Guide of the room. You should not overload the room with unnecessary furniture.
  • To make the room look more attractive and interesting, use cabinets of different heights in the interior.
  • The distance between the countertop and the bottom of the wall cabinet should be as comfortable as possible, taking into account the height of the people who use the kitchen.
  • The depth of the base modules should be slightly less than the width of the worktop. The worktop overhanging the cabinets looks much more attractive.
  • All furniture should be in the same style and color scheme, suitable for the interior as a whole.

Correctly selected cabinetry allows you to upgrade a limited room space. Thanks to well-thought-out details, the kitchen will become as functional and comfortable as possible for all family members.

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