Malassezia is a type of fungus that causes dandruff. Our bodies naturally lose dead skin cells on a regular basis, but an increase in malassezia causes the body to create and shed skin cells more quickly and at an unfavourable rate. Age, hormones, stress, and other factors can all contribute to malassezia overgrowth. An annoying issue can be a flaky scalp at any time of year. You will also find the best anti dandruff shampoos for coloured hair available in the stores near you. Here are some suggestions and techniques for dealing with your dandruff problem so that you can resume wearing pure black.

  • Modify your diet 

Poor nutrition might lead to dandruff. High-carbohydrate diets can cause the skin to accumulate with glycogen, which yeast feeds on. The same foods that encourage acne may make dandruff worse; however there isn’t much evidence for this. Dairy and sugary diets activate the sebaceous glands, increasing skin oil production. So, if you’re prone to dandruff, you might need to consider cutting back on the carbohydrates and sugars.

  • Increase how often you wash your hair. 

Now more than ever, dry shampoo can help you keeps your blowout looking great longer than your last succulent. This is a contributing factor in the whiteout on your scalp. Using a Colour safe dandruff shampoo will also help you to maintain your hair colours if you have any. There is a current belief that natural oils should be left on your scalp for a longer period of time, however this could make the issue worse. Because of infrequent hair cleaning, oils and dead skin cells continue to build up. Patients who are prone to seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff should regularly wash their hair at least a couple times a week to prevent build-up.

  • Examine Scalp Exfoliation 

 Exfoliating your scalp gently removes the top layer of dry skin in a manner similar to exfoliating your skin. Exfoliators for the scalp often remove dead skin using either granules that dissolve or small doses of salicylic acid, which is more frequently used in acne treatments. Utilising an exfoliating hair scrub on wet, shampooed hair twice weekly. Be sure to read the directions so you know how long to leave the scrub on the hair.

  • Sparingly use apple cider vinegar 

Several products, including a toner, a hot-water salve, and a cure for dandruff, are made with apple-cider vinegar as a foundation. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory characteristics of apple-cider vinegar help reduce the amount of yeast on the skin and reduce irritation. Mix 1.5 cups of cool water with 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar. After shampooing, apply the mixture to the hair in the shower and rinse. This treatment lessens dandruff.


Treatments for dandruff help you stop or manage your scalp itching and flaking. The first two things to try are brushing your hair and using a dandruff shampoo. Brush your hair using steady, firm strokes from the top of your head down. This removes the oil from your scalp, where an accumulation of the substance and skin cells may result in dandruff. Your hair will remain lustrous and healthy if you move the product along the hair strands.


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