Tips to Decorate Entrance to Rooms in Your Home

The entryway to the room must be equally inviting as your room. People often forget about these small entrances, but they are significant as they give an insight into your personality.

Showcase your mood and interests in the entryway decor and turn it into a positive place.

Luckily, so many tips and tricks can make it as welcoming as you are. 

Let’s have a look at some great decoration ideas for entrance rooms.

Interesting Color Palette

Decide the color of the wall, and then you can land on the rest of the decor. A Blue, off-white, or light yellow look is welcoming. Painting the door bold will highlight it and give your entryway a stylish look. 

Attractive floor


The entryway floor must look beautiful to your feet. Try patterned ceramic tiles; the colored pattern looks pleasing to the eyes. If you love to keep it traditional, you can go for a patterned wooden floor.

Unmatchable Wall art


Wall art provides texture to the wall and creates a focal point. Get some picture hangers and hang some beautiful abstract wall art canvases. The wall art is available in different sizes and multiple frames. You can go for sleek,  modern vertical canvas or multi-frame canvas.

The new hexagonal frames also look very exhilarating. The square four frame canvas or a signature statement canvas. Check out more trending foyer wall art ideas to create a unique entrance in home.

Mirrors, Mirrors, and Mirrors

Mirrors are such a mood uplifter. It can be categorized as functional decor because the reflection makes your space look bigger. The entryway can lack light, and a mirror with fascinating shapes can enlighten your entrance significantly.

Storage decor

  • Organizers look impressive if you have little space. You can palace wooden furniture with drawers and racks. Place a beautiful green plant over it. You can keep your go-to essentials on the shelves.
  • Hooks and stands have an authentic look that looks so wholesome. You can hang your key, a cool umbrella or coat.
  • Floating shelves are trending due to their modern design. Floating shelves made up of wood look cute. You can pace your essentials and decorate them with plants and showpieces.

Layering the floor

Sometimes you can’t change the floor, and an equally attractive option is available for your rescue. Throw a long rectangular rug with pleasing patterns. It provides layering to the floor and feels comfortable for the feet during walking.

Fancy lights

You always need good light in the entryway of your room. Don’t go for boring lights; instead, opt for hanging ceiling lights. If the entry is long, you can install multiple small hanging lights. If the entrance is small, go for medium size light.

To make it even more exciting, get wall sconces on the sides of your door. That will give a simple yet royal look to your entryway.

Trendy Wallpaper


Readily available removable wallpapers look stylish on walls. They are not regular wallpapers but have premium quality. They suddenly change the atmosphere of your place. 

If repainting is not the option for you, go with wallpapers. They have very subtle to vibrant patterns with all the colors. There are so many possibilities, and they look great.

Love for Greens

You may be a plant lover, and plants in the entryway look fantastic. You can place radiant patterned ceramic pots and fresh indoor plants. A long vase or pot with golden hues. The green colors bring lots of freshness to the space.

A shoe rack

You may love your room to be always tidy and there’s nothing wrong with reminding people of your habit. Install a cute shoe rack where the visitors can open their shoes and get on some fresh flip-flops. 

Let’s Wrap up

If you don’t feel cheerful while entering your room, something is not right with the entrance decor. Fortunately, you can give a makeover of the entrance of the room in so many exciting ways. 

You should borrow some stuff from your home and give your entryway a luxurious look. The above discussed tips will come in handy and keep on experimenting with the decoration. Then, try, you will get the look that you desire.


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