Tips to Design Your Bedroom Ceiling

While designing a bedroom, many people do not pay much heed to the ceiling. You should never neglect it as it is considered the fifth wall of your bedroom and has a huge influence on your room’s overall appeal. You can add many architectural features to your ceiling design as well to spruce up the place. There are various options available in the market like plaster of paris, wood, gypsum board, wallpaper, glass, etc. However, do not opt for ceiling designs that will dominate the interiors. Instead, look for options that will match your existing bedroom theme. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to choose the best ceiling design for your bedroom:

01 of 06 Consider your interior space

It is important to consider your interior space while designing your bedroom ceiling so that you create a ceiling design that will help you to achieve the kind of interior design you want. If you want to opt for a modern ceiling design, choose drop ceilings that feature recessed lights for an appealing look. Depending on your preference, you can place it on the sides or at the center of the room. Adding some textures to the ceiling is a great idea. On the other hand, go for a cathedral design if you want a classy and traditional appeal.

02 of 06 Place the lighting fixtures strategically

When designing your ceiling, you must add ceiling lights. However, plan beforehand how you want to position them. Once you have the positions of the lights, you can easily plan and design your ceiling. However, you can design the ceiling first and then position the lights. Make sure that the combination of the lights and ceiling design looks stunning

03 of 06 Measure the height

Before you start designing the bedroom ceiling, you have to measure its height. While some home designs feature a high ceiling, others feature a low one. If your ceiling design is low, creating a false ceiling can be quite difficult. In such cases, you can opt for paint or wallpapers to enhance the appeal of the ceiling design. Various colourful and stylish options are easily available in the market.

04 of 06 Colours for your ceiling

Just like other elements in your bedroom, the colour of your ceiling will hugely influence the overall design. If you want to create a warm and cosy feel in your large bedroom, choose darker colours. On the other hand, lighter colours such as white, light blue, etc, are best suited for smaller bedrooms because they make the room appear larger. Semi-gloss paints are a great choice for smaller bedrooms as well. However, you can experiment with any colour as long as it complements the overall bedroom design of the room.

05 of 06 Incorporate architectural features

One of the easiest ways to make an appealing ceiling design for your bedroom is by incorporating architectural features in its design. There are many options available in the market. From woven woods, wooden beams, beadboard, faux finish, coffered ceilings, upholstered acoustical panels, to artwork, floating screens, and wallpapers, you can choose anything depending on your preferences as long as the ceiling design appears stunning.

06 of 06 Choose any shape

When it comes to designing your bedroom ceiling, you can experiment with any shape. You can consider opting for the rectangular ones or those with edges. However, the circles and other curves are quite common as well. It will help to give your bedroom ceiling a seamless continuous look. If you have the budget, you can install lights as well for an appealing look. Hence, you must not be afraid to experiment with different ceiling shapes.

The aforementioned tips will help to create a great ceiling for your bedroom design. However, you do not have to restrict yourself to these few tips. You can always experiment with the ceiling design and come up with various interesting ideas. Just ensure that the ceiling design for your bedroom is complementing the rest of the decor. Also, make sure you always use premium quality materials for designing the ceiling so that it appears elegant and sophisticated.