Tips to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Soil Auger






Boring holes on earth is not as easy as it sounds, but when you have a machine by your side, you are guaranteed that half the work has already been done for you. This is where the soil Auger comes in. Simply put, a soil auger is a drilling machine used to make holes in the ground.

If you ever need to plant or even dig fence holes without doing too much, consider purchasing or renting a soil auger. This machine comes in three models: The hand auger, the one-person model, and the two-person model. With all these types to think about, choosing a soil auger can be an overwhelming task. Below are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing a soil auger.

Type in relation to use

If you only need to do light digging, consider a manual auger as it will make your work easier. This could be applied in digging holes for planting grass and vegetable plugs, and small potted plants. However, if you are planning on boring a hole on hard and rocky soil, an electric auger would be the best option to make your task more manageable.


Before purchasing a soil auger, consider the size of your pocket. Soil auger price in Kenya is quite affordable, considering the work it does. You should also keep in mind that cheap is expensive, hence purchasing an auger that is too cheap may come with its consequences. Ensure you purchase a soil auger that you can afford, but don’t go for one that is too cheap.

Drilling depth and engine power

You have to figure out how deep you need to dig before purchasing the auger. The maximum depth an auger can reach is 2.5 feet, but when you add an extension, you can dig up to 7.5 feet. In terms of its engine power, you will have to choose between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke engine, where a 2-stroke engine requires maintenance, and a 4-stroke engine is simpler to operate.

Drill bit diameter

Plants tend to grow better when planted in correctly sized holes, and so does the size of a hole determine the diameter of poles you can place. This brings us to conclude just how important the diameter of a drill bit in an auger is when boring a hole. Diameters range from 2″ to 12″ for one-hand-operated machines and 14″ for two-hand operated machines.


With a lot of fake machines that break easily arriving at the market, great consideration should be kept in mind when purchasing a soil auger. Look for a soil auger that does not easily break once it gets into contact with an obstacle on the ground. A soil auger that easily breaks needs constant repairing, making it costly.

Bottom line

A soil auger is a great machine to use when digging holes on the ground, as it makes your work much easier and saves on time, but before purchasing one, make sure it’s of the right type so as to avoid issues in the future such as costs incurred due to high maintenance and using the wrong sized auger for the wrong task. Source

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