Tips to prepare for class 6 Maths Olympiad

Math Olympiad deals with critical solving. Maths is one of the scoring subjects if students master its concepts. Students must keep in mind that Maths is not a difficult subject. It only requires proper attention and thorough practice. Whether it be Maths in academics or Maths in Olympiad, students should consider maths important in every sphere. 

Importance of Maths Olympiad

Students who understand the concepts can easily crack the examination. Here the only requirement is the focus. Following are the importance of the Maths Olympiad 

  • It helps the students to understand the tricks of the Maths.
  • Students take interest in the subject.
  • It helps students to understand the concepts of the Maths
  • Students develop their own potential skills.
  • Students become more focused on the subject.
  • It leads to the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Students develop practical skills.
  • Students understand the importance of playing with numbers
  • It leads to the enhancement of the subject’s technical skills.
  • It builds a source of confidence among the students 

Maths olympiad class 6 Syllabus

Below is the syllabus of class 6 Maths which will help students  to prepare for the competition

Chapter  Topics 
1 Knowing our numbers
2 Whole numbers
3 Playing with numbers
4 Basic geometrical ideas
5 Understanding elementary shapes
6 Integers 
7 Fractions 
8 Decimals 
9 Data handling 
10 Menstruation 
11 Algebra 
12 Ratio and proportion 
13 Symmetry 
14 Practical geometry 
15 Logical reasoning

Maths Annual and Monthly Olympiad

Annual olympiad- these are online olympiads conducted in December and February. The exam time is 45 minutes. Here students have to answer 50 MCQ. students are also rewarded with prizes like Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, scholarships, cash awards, certificates, etc. students need a proper internet connection so that the connection is not lost in between the exam.

Monthly Olympiad- in the monthly olympiad students can carry out chapter-wise tests. This is one of the best practicals for students of classes 1 to 10. Here exam time is 25 minutes and students have to answer 30 questions. Students can attempt the exam between 10 am to 6 pm according to their suitable timing.

Tips to prepare for class 6 Maths Olympiad

Students must keep in mind that no subject is tough. If they consider maths as a tough subject then the above problem can be solved by following these tips

  1. Understand the syllabus pattern- students must be thorough with the course details. The course is the same as their academics. The only difference is the level of difficulty. In order to overcome the difficult problems, students should carefully understand the syllabus pattern and analyze it thoroughly.
  2. Write and learn- maths is a subject which cannot be crammed. The requirement is practice. In this subject, students must write and learn. They should avoid learning the answers. On the other hand, students must learn formulas, important concepts, short tricks, etc by heart.
  3. Talk to teachers – maths is one of those subjects which requires proper guidance. Students should not feel shy in seeking help from their teachers. They should clear each and every doubt from them. Never leave any doubt unattempted. This may create problems for other questions too.
  4. Be attentive in class- students can score well in the olympiad exam only when they pay proper attention in the classroom. No one is born a genius right from the start. All required is proper hard work and dedication. Pay proper attention to what the teacher teaches in the classroom. This will help them for their future competitive exams too.
  5. Solve maths Olympiad workbook- in order to make the exam easy, students have an option to opt for the workbook. The workbook is loaded with the number of questions along with the solutions. Here in case of any doubts students can find the explanation of every question.
  6. Previous years papers- by solving previous years’ papers students will get an idea regarding the type of questions and exam pattern. They should have more previous years’ papers. By doing so they will get to know the important areas in which they have to focus.
  7. Online mock tests- nowadays various online platforms are available where students can practice a number of times. These mock tests will help the students to focus on their weak areas. So that students can focus majorly on the areas in which they are weak.
  8. Watch educational videos- students, if they are not able to understand any topic then they can watch various educational videos. There are various educational sites where students can learn and practice. Students can find here IMO Maths olympiad previous year Question paper class 6 2012.
  9. Be confident- in maths students should keep in mind that they should never give space to any sorts of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts make the brain empty. Students should always stay focused. One should always remember that nothing is impossible.
  10. Healthy lifestyle- in order to crack the exam it is important that students keep their minds and body healthy. One should eat healthily. Give your body proper relaxation time. Never load the body with any sort of excessive pressure. This will cause various kinds of health issues.

How to check Exam results

The result of IMO is usually announced in the month of March. Students can check on the website by entering their roll numbers. Students can also seek information from their respective schools. Also, students who clear the level 1 examination are eligible for the level 2 exam.


There is no big rocket science behind the subject of Maths. Students should keep in mind that only practice will help to achieve the desired results. The only aim of the students must be that they should crack the level 1 examination in order to face the level 2 exam. Always stay focused and confident. Never let negative thoughts overpower the positive ones. Students should always read the questions paper thoroughly before attempting it. Keep calm and relaxed and success will definitely find its way.


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