To wake up well: cold shower or hot shower?

In fact, when you ask this question, instinctively 9 out of 10 people answer that you need to take a hot shower to sleep better. Conversely, many would say that the cold shower wakes you up. But this is a misconception because in truth it is the opposite. Everyone thinks that why do showers wake you up? Notice we only had a one in two chance of getting it wrong. Indeed, you have to take a cold shower to sleep better. Conversely, the hot shower wakes you up, increasing body temperature. So I think I owe you some explanation. In fact, one can naturally link the explanations to the effect of the cold shower on falling asleep and the fact that the hot shower wakes you up.

Why take a cold shower to sleep better?

In fact, the cold is a vasoconstrictor, in other words during sleep the body slows down. As a result, its temperature drops slightly. A cold shower helps you sleep better because it lowers the body temperature and therefore brings it closer to the ideal situation for sleeping. So let’s clarify for the skeptics that the hot shower wakes up contrary to what many people think. The more active the body, the more our temperature rises (red cheeks and sweating when we exercise), the more we are at rest the more it drops. The cold showers increase your body’s circulation and It also works with a bath to sleep better. But many prefer the shower because it is faster and more economical in water. So those of us who regularly take a cold shower to sleep better will tell you that in summer,

Have you had this experience?

In the same way, the cold shower after the sauna relaxes. Indeed, during the session exposed to heat, our temperature increases as well as our heart rate. In addition, the traditional cold shower is practiced after the sauna relaxes because it again lowers our temperature.

Why does a hot shower wake up?

The heat is a vasodilator and according to plumber solutions when we are very active our body temperature rises, while when we sleep the temperature drops. As proof, you have probably noticed that when we run, our heartbeats harder, we are hot, we sweat. Quite simply, this is why the shower wakes you up and helps you regain tone. In other words, it allows activates the body’s activity, In summary, a cold shower helps to sleep better because it lowers our body temperature, while a hot shower increases it.

The benefits of showering depending on the time of day

Some like it cool, others hot, some like it in the morning, others in the evening, others both … The shower is a privileged moment to cleanse your body, of course, but also to relax and wake up. or to clarify his ideas.

The benefits of the morning shower

Many people cannot start a day without taking a shower and for good reason. Beyond the gesture of hygiene, the morning shower makes it possible to emerge for good, by awakening the muscles and the joints. To optimize its action, choose a shower gel with an invigorating scent: citrus fruits, white flowers, tangy fruits, etc.

When it comes to temperature, you can opt for cool, lukewarm, or hot, not exceeding 39 °. However, it is good to know that the cool shower, which can go down to 20 ° for the most courageous, offers many benefits: it stimulates, improves venous return, tones and firms the skin, and makes the hair shine by tightening the scale. The hot shower, on the other hand, is more conducive to relaxation and offers a cocooning sensation for a gentle awakening – however, the cool jet of water at the end is still welcome, for toned skin and shiny hair.

The benefits of the evening shower

The late afternoon or evening shower is the one that will help us relax and get rid of the tensions accumulated during the day. Obviously, and especially in summer, it is also used to eliminate traces of sweat, impurities, pollution, and on vacation, salt and sand.

On the perfume side, we opt for a shower gel with a softer, more powdery, and enveloping fragrance than for the morning shower – the idea being to make this moment a real decompression airlock.

On the temperature side, take a rather hot shower, around 37-38 °, to obtain a relaxing effect and effectively relieve muscle contractures. This heat will also open the pores of the skin, which will optimize the action of the care that you will provide to the skin afterward. We think in particular of the exfoliation once a week and the daily hydration, essential for soft and clear skin.

Fan of the evening shower? This is the perfect time to take it for a good night’s sleep.

Morning shower versus evening shower … Habits diverge and adepts are opposed. According to plumbers and studies that of the morning invigorates the body and the spirit and would encourage creativity regarding the duration, a shower of 7 minutes when getting out of bed would be ideal. The last two minutes are the most crucial to wake up and boost the body. Conversely, the evening shower allows you to relax from the tensions accumulated during the day. 


We do not suspect the impact that the shower can have on our bodies. The conditions under which we take it are not to be neglected. What if it was all about timing and temperature? Indeed, we know less, but it is not recommended to shower immediately after a workout. Following the effort provided, blood circulation, sweating, or even the heart rate is intense. It is necessary to give the body time to recover. A hot shower dilates the blood vessels, a cold shower constricts them. Therefore, if the body has not had time to resume a normal rhythm, thermal shocks can create discomfort.


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