Top 3 Diverse Algae Types and Little Notes on Them

Before starting anything on algae, we must know the definition in a crystal-clear way. Algae are organisms which are aquatic and they have a tremendous power of photosynthesis, just like plants. There are multiple types of algae, and all of them have different unique qualities about them to begin with. They are not good for tanks or aquariums as they can devour, or overpower it within some days, given their growth rate. Although, not all have the same growth rate, most of them do grow well and can ruin a pond, lake, and any water bodies lacking some healthy parameters.

Introduction and Scientific Explanation Regarding These Algae Types

Fire Algae

Belonging to the group of Pyrrophyta along with other types of algae that are mostly nurtured in freshwater or saltwater. As far as their structure is concerned, they are mostly unicellular and there is no exception to that. If you look closely, or rather scrutinize this type, you can see that they are colored, so much so, that their existence can make their habitat appear entirely colored in their shade.

While most of them are harmless, there is one specific type that can cause some muscle issues if they come in close contact with human skin, because of their neurotoxin elements. Based on their function, they are scientifically divided into two types, the Cryptomonads and Dinoflagellates. The ones that can cause the water bodies to appear illuminated have such bioluminescent properties.

Since such algae can appear in freshwater or marine water, aquarists with such tanks must be careful. These algae can occur and overpower the tank, so you have to keep the Algae eaters like shrimp or fishes to keep the tank clean. You will get details regarding how to keep your tank clean and algae-free from Fisharoma.com. There are some aquatic plants as well, that can prevent the algae growth in tanks. Algae is such a condition that it is used as a standard to measure the hygiene of a tank. If there are plenty of algae, then the tank is not clean.

Although not all algae is bad, because they ensure the endless supply of oxygen inside the tank. It actually depends on their types if they are suitable for your tank or not.

Red Algae

This type of algae is alternatively known as Rhodophyta and you can easily come across such types of algae in saltwater. That is not the case in freshwater, because it would be a rare occurrence if such algae are found in freshwater ever. Red Algae are a type of Eukaryotic Algae.

There are some carbohydrates and cellulose in them and they are mostly associated with something solid. They can also get themselves attached with other algae as well. They are commonly seen in reefs of tropical areas where they occur in plenty of numbers. According to scientist, they can reproduce both sexually and asexually, but that depends on exclusive specimen.

Yellow-green Algae

A common thing in freshwater, this type of algae has such specific hue because of their chloroplast formation. Their alternate name is Xanthophyta and they are extremely rare. They rarely occur in soil or freshwater and they are somewhat scientifically similar with brown algae. They are actually formed with silica and cellulose and they are known as Heteromonadida , Tribophyceae, Heterochloridia and Heterokontae.

Last But Not the Least

As far these algae types are concerned, they are unique in their own way. There is no comparison between any of the two. They are diverse because of their formation, shades, and moving patterns. While some are single-celled, some can move with their flagella. All they have in common is their stunning shades, that make nature a more beautiful place. Common characteristics include the absence of leaves and stems where they differ from actual plants.

We have discussed only 3 types of algae, but each has their unique pigmentation. While the first one has fiery contrasting shades, the second one has crimson shade. The third one has pale yellow and a soft green hue mixed with it. Their such vividness and variations confirm one more time, that we have more things undiscovered in nature than discovered.


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