Top 3 Giant Building Blocks For Kids

Are you looking for some large building blocks for toddlers to surprise your little ones? These types of toys are a great alternative for children to have fun while building and imagining all kinds of adventures.

In the market, you can find a wide variety of games of cardboard, plastic, wood or foam construction blocks to choose from so that they do not spend so much time in front of a screen.

For this reason, to help you find the most suitable large blocks for toddlers, in this comparison you have a selection with the most interesting sets.

1. GIGI Bloks – Set with 100 XXL Pieces

First of all, we begin this ranking of giant building block games for children with one of the most prominent brands in this category, GIGI Bloks, since it has a wide variety of sets.

In this case, the set consists of up to 100 pieces of XXL size made of strong and resistant cardboard. And it is that the games with this material are a very interesting and economical alternative compared to the classic plastic sets.

In addition, another of the most interesting points is that a small guide is included with up to one hundred designs, figures and constructions that can be made. In this way children can build castles, shops, animals, towers, boats, etc.

In short, a very fun game with which they can develop spatial and motor skills, their creativity and imagination while they play. As a final note, the brand recommends it for children of about 3 years.

2. GIGI Bloks – 96 pieces stacking Set 

The GIGI Bloks brand appears again with this fantastic set that combines a large number of pieces with a really cheap price compared to other giant building blocks for toddlers.

And it is that within the kit there are 96 pieces of XXL size so that the little ones have fun making all kinds of constructions. And it is that, as usual in their sets, there is also a small book with a hundred construction ideas.

In this way, in addition to letting all their imagination run wild, children will be able to build a sled, a castle, a boat, a dromedary and many more figures. The blocks are made of hard cardboard so they are resistant and very easy to assemble.

Therefore, it is a very interesting kit to build life-size things while developing all kinds of skills such as hand-eye coordination, patience, imagination or fine motor skills.

3. GIGI Bloks – 200 XXL Brick Kit

In this section, we find the largest set of giant building blocks for children offered by the GIGI Bloks brand . And it is that this pack is made up of nothing more and nothing less than 200 pieces of XXL size.

Without a doubt, this type of game is very simple but it is original and fun since it offers multiple options to build. In addition, the guide shows up to 100 options to build a castle, houses, figures, etc.


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