Top 3 Most Common Habits of Well Established Professional Writers.

Most of the times we hear a very common perception that writers have an inborn inclination and sense for writing, well, that can only be true up to some extent but not entirely and wholly. Writing is also an art, a way of fine expression, looking things from a different perspective and we believe that most of these traits can be adopted and then further groomed and enhanced. 

Writing can be categorized in creative, expository, descriptive and academic writing. In this long list, the academic writing is probably most immune from all these classic traits of a writer for instance, when you require marketing essay help from expert or you just need a simple touch of editing in your pre-written essay, the writer or expert here needs to be a qualified and experienced person who has grasped the subject well over the years and has all the potential for doing justice with your academic paper. He doesn’t essentially need to be creative and Shakespearean type of writer at all. 

Here in this article, we would list three most common habits of well established writers that apply to all kind of writers altogether. 

Writing on regular basis.

The very first one to begin with is apparently very simple but in reality it may turn out to be very difficult for many new aspirants and writers who are in their very early stages of grooming which is writing on a daily basis. If you pursue writing as a career and profession, you essentially need to write everyday no matter what it takes. Well, when we say every day, you can take the liberty of at least 5 days a week mandatory. 

When you plan to be a professional writer, you must not take it as a time pass activity instead you must consider it as your job. Those who aspire to become a writer and write books and ultimately get paid for their written work, they write on a daily basis as an obligation considering it as a part of their job. Take it as you simple side hustle or for expression of your heart or art whatever you name it but the crux is, just write. Bring it out whatsoever you feel like putting in words, never give it a break. 

Plan and prepare well in advance.

Some ignorant writers may initially feel as if writing is something as stream of consciousness and a set of thoughts nicely put in words and expressed on papers. They feel that the moment they will pick up the pen or their keyboard, the worlds will start flowing which is not true. Many writers don’t like to hear that you need a proper outline for your work or plan well before you sit down to write but trust me, this is important to the core. 

When we refer to a well put outline, this implies very crisp, small and well thought tiny assignments well packed in an outline. Each one of these assignments hold substance in it separately and have all potential to deliver you massive amounts of content to put up on paper. the further subheadings might be an illustration in an academic task, this might be a fictional story or a simple brief of an event or anything that directly relates to the main topic of your paper. Therefore, appropriately mapping your chapters and setting the sequence gives you an easy and prompt go ahead without any hassles. 

Don’t shy away from help/mentoring

This is probably the most difficult one to swallow especially for writers if not for the readers which is getting sufficient and right support. People fear that sharing their rough draft with others might make them judgmental about the quality of their writing but trust me, a genuine mentor who understands the real essence of writing will never do that. Moreover, help cannot be confined to mere editing and fixing errors, this might also be enthusiasm, a hard push forward, a loud cheer up; help the writer put together his outline etc. 

This support might come in a shape of a mentor writer who is voluntarily ready to help you keep up with your work, this could be your fellow classmate who is good enough for the cause, this could be just a part time writing class by mentor writers or just enrolling in an online class whatsoever can be handy for this purpose. Never shy away from help since there is always room for improvement in everything we do. A tiny piece of advice by a learned professional can do wonders in your write up so getting help is very crucial.

Final word

To carve out the writer within you, read as much as you can, travel and go to places to see things from a different angle. Start thinking, acting and behaving like a writer and the world will acknowledge your presence. 


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